Antique Botanical Prints

Karl Blossfeldt Genuine Photogravure Prints
New Selection

Photogravures of botanicals from Wundergarten der Natur 1932
P.J. Buchoz Herbier Artificiel Botanical Prints
New Selection

Antique black and white prints of flowers, botanicals, & more
João Barbosa Rodrigues Sertum Palmarum Brasiliensium 1903
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Antique superb chromolithographs of palm trees and leaves 1903
Pancrace Bessa Prints L'Herbier Generale 1816
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Vivid Rare botanicals
Antique Orchid Lithographs by Jean Linden
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Orchid prints of cypripedium, cattleya, laelia, oncidium, & more 1885
Maria Sibilla Merian Der Rupsen Begin Prints 1713
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Antique prints of botanicals & insects
The Instructive Picture Book, or Lessons from the Vegetable World 1857
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Hand colored prints of flowers, fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs, & more
Hasegawa Prints
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Delicately colored original woodblocks on creamy-toned washi paper
Curtis Flora Londinensis
Grass Prints

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Superb hand colored folio engravings
from the first edition of
Flora Londinensis
William Curtis Antique Botanic Double Prints 1787
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Antique prints of hibiscus, magnolia, peony, amaryllis, lily, & more
Antique Carnivorous Prints from Walcott & Curtis
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Antique prints of Venus fly-trap,
pitcher-plants & more from
the 1770s-1879
Linden Orchid
Double Folio Prints

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Great double folio orchid prints 1885


Johann Jacob Scheuchzer Physica Sacra Creation of the Universe
New Selection

Antique copper engravings of Adam & Eve, celestials, seas, landscapes, botanicals, shells, mammals, and more!
Diderot Dictionnaire des Sciences 1751
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Antique prints of cocoa, palms, dragon tree, pineapple, banana, & more
Fine Flora Londinensis Botanical Engravings
New Section

Hand colored engravings from the first edition of Flora Londinensis
Tiny Flora Londinensis Daisy, Viola, Orchid Botanical Engravings
New Section

Hand colored engravings from the first edition of Flora Londinensis
Ferdinand Vietz Icones Plantarum 1800-1822
New Selection

Antique prints of flowers, fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, trees & more
Curtis Flora Londinensis Botanical Prints 1775
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Antique prints of red poppy, dandelion, iris, orchis & more
1845 Lemaire, Van Houtte Flore des Serres, 1st Edition Antique Botanical Prints
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Antique prints of orchids, flowers.
Elizabeth Blackwell
Herbarium by
Jacob Trew 1757

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Antique prints of flowers, herbs, vegetables & more
William Curtis Botanical Magazine Tropical Prints

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Antique prints of arum, protea, zamia, ratan, palms & more
Robert Thornton Botanical Extracts 1810
New Selection

Mount Vesuvius eruption, carnation, green tea, mushrooms & more
P.J. Buchoz Herbier Artificiel Botanical Prints 1783
New Selection

Selection of antique original engravings & more
William Curtis Best Prints
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Antique prints of tulip, peony, iris, rose, dahlia & more
Johannes Zorn Flower & Herb Prints 1779

Great new selection of original hand-colored copper engravings
1768 Philip Miller Gardens Dictionary Botanical Prints

Watermark J Honig & Zoonen used in broadsides of Declaration of Independence made John Dunlap, official printer to the Congress 1776
1884 Roses et Rosiers Prints by E. Donnaud

Antique hand colored prints of roses 1884
Abraham Munting Hand-Colored Botanical Prints

Superb Original Hand Coloured Copper Plate Engravings 1696 and Black & White Engravings 1702
Antique Botanical Lithograph Prints by Twining

Antique prints from Illustrations of the Natural Order of Plants, 1849

Anton Seder Jewels of Art Nouveau Period 1890

Jewels from the Art Nouveau Period 1890
Bairei Kono
Flower Prints

Antique botanical prints from Japanese master Bairei Kono 1883
Bakufu Ohno Familiar Fishes, Flowers & Birds 1938

from the Familiar Fishes of Nippon
by Bakufu Ohno

Beauties of the Rose by Henry Curtis 1850 Prints

Antique hand colored lithographs of beautiful old roses
Bernard Les Jardin des Plantes

Hand-colored prints of flowers, birds, butterflies, and crustaceans from 1842
Berthe Hoola van Nooten Tropical Prints 1867

Poinsettia, mangosteen, etc
Bertuch Botanical Prints 1790

Antique prints of fruits, roses, and flowering plants
Besler Botanical Prints

Antique Botanical prints from Hortus Eystettensis 1613
Botanical Prints of
Australia & New Zealand by
Walter Hood Fitch

Bowenia, Macrozamia, Banksia, Todea & more from Australia, New Zealand & Norfolk Island
Botanicals from
Australia & New Zealand
through the ages

Waratah, Dryandra, Banksia & more from Australia & New Zealand
Fern & Seaweed Prints

Nature-printed ferns & seaweeds in stunning detail 1859
Brookshaw Pomona Britannica 1817

Melon, peach, cherry, pear, apple and more
Buchoz Le Jardin D'Eden Botanical Prints 1783
Paradise recreated in the

Garden of the Queen
Burnett Fruit & Botanical Prints 1852

Melon, peach, rose, iris, lily,
dahlia, and more
C. M. Hovey Fruits of America Prints 1852

Chromolithographs of cherries, pear, peach, apple and more
Calwer Fruit Prints

Antique prints of apple, pear, grape 1854
Coignet & Hubert Forest Trees & Landscapes 1828

Italian Pines, Palm Trees, etc
Dietrich Forest Flora

Hand-colored copper engravings of forest plants, trees & flowers
Duhamel de Monceau Fruit Prints

Antique prints of apple, pear, grape, cherry & more 1755
Dykes Iris, Tulip Prints

Antique prints from Iris Genus 1913 & Notes on a Tulip Species 1913
Edwards Botanical Register 1815

Antique prints of peony, rhododendron, rose, tulip, cactus, orchid, and more
Edward Step Favourite Flowers Botanical Prints 1896

Lily, poppy, peony, water lily, orchid and more 1896
Ellen Willmott
Genus Rosa

Antique prints of roses 1914
Emmons Fruit Prints

Hand-colored lithographs of apples, pears, cherries and more 1851
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Ettingshausen Nature Printed Ferns

Nature-printed ferns, grasses & grains 1856
Eugene Grasset Pochoir Prints 1896

Striking floral illustrations by M.P. Verneuil and other Art Nouveau artists
Florist's Journal

Original hand-colored engravings of camellia, rose, dahlia, gladiolus, and more 1840
Folio Botanicals from Germany

Groupings of flowers, fruits & vegetables 1839
Foord Decorative Flower Studies Pochoir Prints 1901

Antique prints of carnation, tulip, iris from 1901

Foord Pochoir Flower Studies 1901

Art deco pochoir studies

Georg Dionysius Ehret Barbados Botanical &
Palm Prints 1750

Antique hand-colored prints of palms from The Natural History of Barbados 1750
Gerlach Floral Alphabet 1880

Antique collotype prints of ornamental letters of the alphabet by Martin Gerlach
Gerlach Florals

Antique duotone folios of daffodil, thistle, lilac, and more printed by Martin Gerlach
Giorgio Bonelli Hortus Romanus Prints 1772

Antique prints of primula, dragon lily, solanum, begonia, and more
Giovanni Battista Ferrari Flora Prints 1638

Hand-colored engravings of botanicals
Goethe Fruit Prints

Antique prints
apples & pears 1894
Grandville Fleurs Animees Prints 1867

Antique prints of flowers personified 1867
Guerin Botanical Prints

Water lily, peony, nut trees, pine, baobab 1836
Henry Andrews Botanist's Repository Prints 1797

Protea, peony, magnolia, lily, etc.
Hoffmann Botanical Prints

Botanical prints of mushrooms, poppy, iris, garden vegetables 1886
Horticultural Society of London Transactions Antique Prints 1835

Antique prints of amaryllis, peony, chrysanthemum, strawberry, peach, apple, & more
J. Duke Compleat Florist Botanicals 1747

Rare hand-colored copper engravings of peony, tulip, iris, rose, and more

Jacob George Strutt Trees Sylva Britannica 1840

from Portraits of Forest Trees
Jacquin Botanical Prints 1763

Antique prints of exotic plants, both hand-colored and black and white 1763
Jamain Rose Prints

Antique prints of roses from Les Roses 1873
Jane Loudon Botanical Prints 1840

Superb 1st Edition prints
Jane Loudon Botanicals

Antique botanical prints of poppy, pansy, hibiscus, sweet pea, bell flower 1840
Jerrard Fruit & Flowers

Fruit & flower prints from Gems for
the Drawing Room, 1852
Jewels from Curtis Botanical Magazine

Antique prints from William Curtis Botanical Magazine
Johann Weinmann's Phytanthoza Iconographia 1737-1739

Antique prints of fruits, vegetables, protea, cactus & more
Katei Taki Japanese Prints c.1870

Japanese scenic woodblock prints of birds, botanicals, and Mt. Fuji
Knoop Apples & Pears 1763

Wide selection of apples and pears, plus grapes, apricot, raspberry, and more

Knowles Floral Cabinet

Antique prints of hibiscus, poinsettia, iris, delphinium, orchids and more
Kohler's Medizinal-Pflanzen Prints 1898

Antique prints of dandelion, marijuana, cocoa, sugarcane & more
L'Admiral Butterfly & Botanical Prints 1774

Superb Original Hand Coloured Copper Plate Engravings
Lamarck Botanical Prints

Prints by Redoute of thistle, rhododendron, tomato, etc

Lemaire, Verschaffelt & Linden 1860

Antique prints of rose, rhododendron,
fruit, orchid, palms and more 18

Lemaire Botanical Prints 1851

Antique prints from Le Jardin Fleuriste 1851
Leuba Mushrooms 1890

Agaricus, boletus, morchella, etc from Champignons Comestibles 1890
Le Verger the Orchard by M. Mas 1866

Lithos of peaches from Paris
Linden Orchid Prints

Orchid prints of cypripedium cattleya, laelia, oncidium 1885
Lowe Fern, Botanical Prints

Antique prints of beautiful leaved plants, ferns 1856
Mary Vaux Walcott North American Wildflower Prints 1925

Antique prints of wild flowers published by the Smithsonian Institute

Matthaeus Merian Prints

Botanical prints from Valentini herbal 1719
Maund Botanical Prints

Maund Botanic Garden & Maund Botanist 1825
Meehan Native Flowers and Ferns 1879

American ferns, orchids, etc
Miner Orchid Prints

Antique prints from Orchids the Royal Family of Plants by Harriet Miner 1889
Nederlandsch Bloemwerk Botanical Prints 1794

Superb prints of tulips, roses, butterflies, beetles and more
Oken Antique Flower & Plant Charts 1843

Hand-colored prints of plant classifications, plant charts, mushrooms & more
Orchid Prints from Panteek

Superb orchid print selection
Original 18th Century Citrus & Exotic Fruits by Buchoz

Antique prints of citrus and other botanicals
Oswald Kerchove Les Palmiers 1879

Lithographs of palm trees from all over the world 1879
P.J. Buchoz Herbier Artificiel Botanical Prints 1783

Cypripedium orchid, fritillaria, poppy, fern, aloe, asparagus, bignonia & more

Parkinson Paradisi in Sole

Hand-colored prints of rose, carnation, peony, and more from the 1904 edition
Paul Jones Botanical Prints

Rare botanical prints from Camellias, Flora Magnifica & Flora Superba
Paxton's Flower Garden
Prints 1884

Antique prints of pitcher plant, side saddle flower, cactus, moutan, water lily, rhododendron & more
Pharmaceutical Waarenkunde by Eduard Winkler 1852

Antique prints of medicinal flowers
& plants 1852

Poiteau Fruit Prints Pomologie Francaise

Antique large prints of apple, pear, and more 1846
Redoute Botanicals 1801

Magnolia, rhododendron, lilac, camellia and more by Pierre Joseph Redoute
Redoute Rose Prints

Antique prints of roses by Pierre Joseph Redoute from Les Roses 1835
Regnault Botanical Prints 1774

Antique botanical prints of poppy, lily, hollyhock, olive, pepper, peach, and more 1774
Reichenbachia Orchid Prints

Antique orchid prints of cattleya,
ladies-slipper orchids 1888
Rei Herbariae Botanical Prints

Antique prints of daffodil, marigold, bellflower, oak, ferns 1703
Rhind Vegetable Kingdom

Antique prints from William Rhind's A History of the Vegetable Kingdom 1860
Robert Sweet Flower Garden

Antique botanical prints of lily, peony, orchid, violet, poppy and more 1820
Schumann, Gurke Bluhende Kakteen Cactus Prints 1900

Rare prints of blooming cacti
Seaweed Prints from Harvey 1846

Hand-colored plates of seaweeds from Phycologia Britannica
Sowerby English Botany

Prints of rose, poppy, peony, marigold and more 1791
Tanigami Konan Seiyo Soka Zofu Woodblock Prints 1917

Antique prints of Japanese botanical woodblock prints Shin Hanga spring flowers 1917
Tessier, Prevost, Van Geert

Vintage etchings after many great botanical artists
The Vegetable Empire

Anthropomorphic botanical prints from The Vegetable Empire c1840
Tom Baril Botanical Prints from Botanica

Superb botanical prints
Tree Prints by John Evelyn

Unique hand-colored prints of trees native to England forests 1786
Trew Botanicals 1750

Antique prints of American cowslip, mayapple 1750
Turpin Flower & Tree Prints

Rose, hellebore, poppy, iris, primrose
& more 1814

Van Grieken Prints

Antique prints from de Plant in hare Ornamentale Behandeling 1888
Verschaffelt Camellia Prints

Antique camellia prints from Nouvelle Iconographie des Camellias 1854
Vilmorin Fruit & Vegetables

Vegetables and fruits, including cabbage, melons, and more
Vintage Japanese
Woodblock Prints

Keika Hasegawa chrysanthemum wood block prints 1st edition 1893
Fruit Prints

Antique prints of citrus fruits 1708
W.J. Hooker Years Curtis Botanicals

Antique prints of rhododendron, camellia, datura & more
W. Robinson Flora & Sylva Prints by HG Moon 1903

Iris, magnolia, orchids, etc
Walter Hood Fitch Curtis Orchid Prints

Antique prints of epidendrum, laelia, cypripedium, & more
Walter Hood Fitch Prints from Curtis Botanical Magazine

Antique prints of cereus, lily, rhododendron, camellia & more

Warner Orchid Album

Hand colored orchid prints
First Edition 1882

Wild Flowers of the British Isles by Harriet Isabel Adams 1907

Vibrant antique color printed chromolithographs

Wilhelm Botanical

Antique prints of iris, rose, poppy, pear, palm, fern and more 1810-1821
William Curtis Botanical Magazine 1st Edition Prints 1787

Genuine, rare first edition on handmade chain-lined paper 1787
William Curtis Botanical Magazine Antique Prints

Morning glory, violets, daffodils, narcissus, fuchsia, clematis 1787-1817
William Curtis Botanical Magazine Antique Prints

Promise of spring to come, with daffodils, tulips, iris, roses, passion flowers 1787-1817
William Curtis Botanical Magazine Antique Prints 1787-1839

Best of the rest-favourites selections of red, pink, blue, purples white & yellow flowers of all types.
William Paul Rose Garden

Prints of roses from William Paul Rose Garden 1888

Woodville Medical Botany

Antique prints of iris, poppy, rose, grape, fruits, herbs, and more by James Sowerby 1790
Wright Fruit & Vegetables Grower's Guide

Fruit and vegetables, 1890
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