Johann Jacob Scheuchzer Physica Sacra Creation of the Universe 1731

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Scheuchzer Physica Sacra Tab 64: Plejades, Orion, Ursa Minor
SCH7 $325
Scheuchzer Physica Sacra Tab 75: Stella Innumerabiles
SCH4 $325
Scheuchzer Physica Sacra Tab 46: Iridis Demonstratio
SCH11 $295
Scheuchzer Physica Sacra Tab 20: Opus Quintae Diei
SCH23 $275
Scheuchzer Physica Sacra Tab 25: Bedolach Bdellion Crystall, Margarita
SCH13 $325
Scheuchzer Physica Sacra Tab 26: Arbor Scientiae Boni et Mali
SCH18 $345
Scheuchzer Physica Sacra Tab 28: Serpens Seductor
SCH15 $345
Scheuchzer Physica Sacra Tab 29: Ficus Folium Nuditatis Tegmen
SCH16 $345
Scheuchzer Physica Sacra Tab 32: Vestis Corporis Clypeus
SCH19 $325
Scheuchzer Physica Sacra Tab 27: Evae ex Costa Adami Productio
SCH20 $325

Scheuchzer Physica Sacra Tab 371: Solstitium Iosuae
SCH29 $175

Scheuchzer Physica Sacra Tab 24: Paradisus
SCH24 $245
Scheuchzer Physica Sacra Tab 12: Opus quintae Diei
SCH700 $325
Scheuchzer Physica Sacra Tab 8: Opus tertiae Dei
SCH701 $325
Scheuchzer Physica Sacra Tab 6: Opus tertiae Dei
SCH702 $325
Scheuchzer Physica Sacra Tab 145: Hyssopus Origanumque intincta
SCH703 $325
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Johann Jacob Scheuchzer Physica Sacra Creation of the Universe

Johann Jakob Scheuchzer (1672-1733) was a physician by training, with a strong interest in natural history and paleontology. Born in Switzerland, the son of a physician, he studied at University in Germany & later returned to Zurich to take a professorship in Mathematics. Like many scientists of the day, he considered the Old Testament a factual account of the history of the earth. In his extensive travels he amassed one of the largest fossil collections of the 18th century. He hypothesized that all plants had perished in the flood described in the bible, & discovered what he believed to be the fossil of a human flood victim. In his masterpiece, Physica Sacra, he details his theory at length, using references to the 1611 King James Bible. The book was a sensation & was published simultaneously in Latin, German & French, each issue with exactly the same plates. His theories were not disproved until the work of Cuvier.

The superbly powerful illustrations were by well known artists of the day including Corvinus, Sperling & Linz. They represent the pinnacle of copper plate engraving, as well as depicting many subjects for the first time.

We are delighted to offer a selection of some of the finest prints from this work, many showing the origins of man as they were perceived in the 18th century. Each print is on strong softly aged hand made chain lined paper, some bearing crown watermarks & measuring 10 inches wide by 16 inches long, most with little foxing. A few may be slightly smaller.

The engravings have been masterfully hand colored for us by our colorist to render the prints superbly decorative. There is no descriptive text, but a copy of the title page will accompany each authentic copper engraving, almost 300 years old.

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