Wild Flowers of the British Isles by H. Isabel Adams 1907

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HIA54 $45
Cinquefoil, Potentilla
HIA4 $45
Yellow Archangel
Blackberry, Geum
HIA85 $45
Creeping Jenny, Wood Loosestrife
HIA78 $45
Datura, Henbane, Lycium
HIA12 $45
Linaria, Toadflax
HIA19 $35
Flax Family
Rattle, Cow-Wheat, Melampyrum
HIA20 $35
Bird's Nest Orchid, Red Hellebore
Monkey Orchid, Lizard Orchid, Pyramidal Orchid, Dark-Winged Orchid
Spotted Orchid, Early Purple Orchid, March Orchid
Great Butterfly Orchid, Musk Orchid,
Sweet Scented Orchid
Spider Orchid, Fly Orchid, Bee Orchid, Hellebore
The Sundew Family, Caniverous Plant
HIA17 $45
St. John's Wort Family
HIA43 $35
The Buttercup Family
The Buttercup Family
Dead Nettle Family
The Buttercup Family
The Dead Nettle Family, Bugle, Black Horehound,
Wild Sage
HIA94 $35
The Dead Nettle Family, Cat Nip, Self Heal
HIA95 $45
The Dead Nettle Family, Wild Sage, Skull Cap, Mint
HIA96 $35
The Pink Family, Maiden Pink Dianthus
HIA97 $45
The Dead Nettle Family, White Horehound, Common Hemp Nettle
HIA98 $45
The Loosestrife Family, Purple Loosestrife
HIA99 $45
The Birthwort Family
HIA100 $35
The Buttercup Family, Marsh Marigold, King Cup
HIA101 $45
The Mignonette Family, Base Rocket
HIA102 $25
The Nettle Family,  Common Hops Humulus,
Stinging Nettle

HIA103 $35
The Parsley Family, Poisonous Hemlock
Conium Maculatum

HIA104 $45
The Parsley Family, Caraway
HIA105 $25
The Cabbage Family, Wallflower
HIA106 $35
The Parsley Family, Common Fennel
HIA107 $25
The Cabbage Family, Wild Mustard
HIA106 $25
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Wild Flowers of the British Isles by H. Isabel Adams 1907

The wealth of talented artists in botanical illustration never ceases to amaze and Harriet Adams is another outstanding discovery. A member of the Botanical Society of the British Isles and a fellow of the Linnaean Society, she was a graduate of Birmingham Art School. She worked in the Arts and Crafts style, designing bookplates and a children's book: Little Red Riding Hood and the History of Tom Thumb.

As we know so little about her, but were astonished by the beauty of this work, suffice it to quote below part of an article published in 1907 by the Spectator (Archives):

“We have seen few flower drawings (always excepting Curtis's Flora Londinensis) that have given us so much pleasure to look at. From one to half-a-dozen plants are figured on a page; but Miss Adams manages to keep the character of each species distinct, and the grouping is often full of skill and grace. We have nothing but praise for the colouring, especially the various greens. The yellow of the rock-rose is beautiful, and the more subdued mauves and pinks are excellent.”

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