Original 18th Century Engravings by Buchoz

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Pomegranate, Ramus aurantii, Orange pompone
BZW300 $145
Laterrasu amboinensis
BZW325 $95
Citrus petiolis linearibus
BZW313 $115
Gajang arbor valen.
BZW306 $115
Pangium, Pangi
BZW304 $125
Mango, Manga sylvestris, Manga pau
BZW305 $95
Pangium, Pangi
BZW502t $125
BZW501 $125
BZW500 $115
Mangisera indica, domestica
Sterculia foetida, Clompanus major
BZW303 $115
Garcinia mangostana, Purple Mongosteen
BZW307 $125
Pepo indicus
BZW319 $95
Bilacus taurinus
BZW312 $115
Cucurbita pepo
BZW343 $95
Rhizophora gymnorhiza
BZW318 $85
Caju galedupa
BZW315 $95
Parrana major
BZW320 $95
Nux myristica, Nutmeg, Mace Spices
BZW327 $115
Gooseberry, Ribes grossularia
BZW333 $95
Sterculia balanghas
BZW329 $95
Strychnos colubrina
BZW332 $95
Limo agrestis Lemon
BZW340 $115
Corius, Kore
BZW341 $115
Cucumis acutangulus
BZW342 $115
Sanguinaria Canadensis Canadian Bloodroot
BZW323 $115
Cucumis anguinus
Cudranus sylvestris amboinensis
Helicteres isora
BZW346 $115
Manga sylvestris
BZW347 $115
Ricinus communis Ricin Castor Bean Poisonous
BZW348 $115
Ricinus Ricin Castor Bean Poisonous
BZW349 $115
Ricinus arbor Ricin Castor Bean Poisonous
BZW350 $115
Solanum melongena
BZW351 $145
Cotton, Gossipium caule decumbente
BZW330 $115
Mushrooms, Truffles
BZW353 $145

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Original 18th Century Citrus & Exotic Fruits by Buchoz

Born in Metz (France) in 1731, Buchoz was a physician and lawyer by training, as well as a passionate naturalist. He was physician to many prominent individuals, including the King of Poland, the brother of the King of France & the Duke of Artois. He was an enthusiastic and prolific publisher of botanical works including Herbrier Artificiel, Histoire du Regne Vegetal, Histoire Universelle, Le Jardin d’Eden & Collections Precieuse et Eluminees des Fleurs. Early on, he recognized the significance of Japanese & Chinese drawing techniques, and was the first to publish drawings by Asian artists, a good century before the passion for the Orient overtook Europe.

It is from Herbier Artificiel that we are pleased to offer a selection of original engravings, in the characteristic exotic style so distinctive of Buchoz. These prints are all ORIGINAL copper engravings from 1783. Each print measures approximately 10 inches by 15 1/4 inches.

The condition of the plates is excellent, with the paper being a fine, watermarked chain lined type with strong plate marks. There are few fox marks or other blemishes and the paper is a creamy white. A copy of the title page will be included with each print. These prints are more than 225 years old.

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