Tiny Flora Londinensis Daisy, Viola, Orchid Botanical Engravings

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Common Daisy
CFL126 $95
Oxalis acetosella
CFL127 $95
Saxifraga tridactylites
CFL128 $95
Scilla autumnalis
CFL129 $95
Strawberry, Fragaria sterilis
CFL130 $95
Ranunculus hederaceus
CFL131 $95
Chrysoplenium oppositifolium
CFL132 $95
Tormentilla officinalis
CFL133 $95
Violet, Viola tricolor
CFL134 $125
Ranunculus ficaria
CFL135 $125
Orchid, Ophrys fucifera
CFL136 $115
Orchid, Ophrys spiralis
CFL137 $115
Anagallis arvensis
CFL138 $95
Trifolium glomeratum
CFL139 $95
Dandelion, Leontodon hirlum
CFL140 $145
Hieracium pilosella
CFL141 $125
Adoxa moschatellina
CFL142 $95
Ranunuculus auriconus
CFL143 $115
Thymus serpyllum
CFL144 $95
Peplis portula
CFL145 $95
Primrose, Primula acaulis
CFL146 $145
Cowslip, Primula officinalis
CFL147 $145
Anemone apennina
CFL148 $125
Cardamine pratensis
CFL149 $95
Pea, Lathyrus sylvestris
CFL150 $95
Geranium parviflorum
CFL151 $95
Prunella vulgaris
CFL152 $95
Ligustrum vulgare
CFL153 $115
Chenopodium olidum
CFL154 $95
Lysimacha nemorum
CFL155 $95
Antirrhinum elatine
CFL156 $85
Geranium cicutarium
CFL157 $85
Veronica montana
CFL158 $85
Veronica Chamaedrys
CFL159 $115
Antirrhinum cymbalaria
CFL160 $115
Geranium molle
CFL161 $115
Clover, Trifolium repens
CFL162 $95
Geranium robertianum
CFL163 $115
Polygonum aviculare
CFL164 $95
Thymus acinos
CFL165 $95
Alisma damasonium
CFL166 $95
Jasione montana
CFL167 $95
Chironia centaurium
CFL168 $115
Saxifraga granulata
CFL169 $95
Sisymbrium terrestre
CFL170 $95
Stellaria holostea
CFL171 $95
Campanula rotundifolia
Stachys arvensis
CFL173 $95
Cerastium aquaticum
CFL174 $95
Lamium amplexicaule
CFL175 $95

Please click on each image to enlarge and for prices

Tiny Flora Londinensis Daisy, Viola, Orchid Botanical Engravings

We are honored to offer a selection of superb hand colored folio engravings from the first edition of Flora Londinensis by William Curtis. These first edition prints are the rarest of Curtis's large-scale prints.

This comprehensive and elegant work was Curtis' masterpiece and the first comprehensive study of the flora of England. The artists included the inimitable James Sowerby, Sydenham Teak Edwards, Francis Sansom & William Kilburn, all in their salad days, when the sap ran strong & creative!

Born in Alton in 1746, William Curtis early on left an apprenticeship at an apothecary to pursue the passion which unites us all, the love of plants. Out of this love came the Flora Londinensis, which, though highly acclaimed by his fellow naturalists, was not a financial success. Curtis had labored on this work for over ten years, selling it out of his own home. He finally came to the understanding that a work of showy & bright exotic plants would be more likely to succeed with the general public than images of the wayside & woodland plants of England. Thus was born, in 1787, the Botanical Magazine, which Curtis called his "pudding" as it earned him sustenance, rather than the unremunerative praise of the Flora Londinensis. We have faith that time has allowed us to developed a much greater appreciation of this seminal work.

(References: Sotheby's 1987 Catalog, pg. 140 & Blunt, The Art of Botanical Illustration, 1950, pg. 184-185)

Each print is in excellent condition with little foxing or text offset, strong plate marks & intricate detail & superb intense coloring. The chain lined paper is a creamy white, with a number of plates showing J. Whatman watermarks. Each folio print measures approximately 10 3/4 inches by 18 inches, and is accompanied by the original descriptive text in most cases & a copy of the title page. On a few of the larger images, the top and bottom margins may be a little tight. Overall the prints are in excellent condition for their age of nearly a quarter of a millennium! If only paper could talk!

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