1768 Philip Miller Gardens Dictionary Botanical Prints

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Corona Imperialis flore pulchre luteo
PML1 $235
Ranunculus foliis ternatis biternatisque
PML8 $245
Crinum foliis carinatis
AmAmaryllis spatha multiflora corollis campanulatis equalibus genitalibus declinatis
PML4 $245
ML4 $245
Lilac flore saturate purpurea
PML13 $245
Polyanthus floribus umbellatis
PML14 $255
Medlar, Tree, Mespilus foliis cordato ovatis acuminatis
Watermark For Country & Liberty used in Thomas Jefferson's
Rough Draft of Declaration of Independence
PML26 $245
Hyacinthus orientalis flore plenissimo alba
PML18 $245
Strawberry, Fragaria foliis ovatis crenatis
PML19 $255
Acanthus rarioribus brevioribus, by Ehret
PML20 $185
Ricinus foliis peltatis inaequaliter serratis capsulis hispidis, by Ehret
PML23 $225
Ricinus foliis peltatis, capsulis rugosis non echinatis
PML24 $225
Oak, Quercus foliis ovato-oblongis glabris serrato repandis
PML27 $225
Balsam Poplar Tee, Tacamahaca
PML28 $225
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1768 Philip Miller Gardens Dictionary Botanical Prints

Philip Miller was considered the greatest gardener of his day. He was a member of the Society of Gardeners, founded in 1724, consisting of about 20 members, all luminaries of the horticultural world who named newly introduced plants, among other duties. When the foundation decided to publish an illustrated survey of these new plants, the task fell to Phillip Miller in 1724. The book was named the Gardeners Dictionary and was a very important horticultural milestone widely used for over 100 years. It became the forerunner of later Gardening Dictionaries. In 1775, Miller first published Figures of the Most Beautiful Plants Described in the Gardeners Dictionary. Among the illustrators were John Miller, Richard Lancake, and the renowned Georg Ehret, who married Miller’s sister in law.

We are offering prints from the original German edition Abbildungen der nützlichsten, schönsten und seltensten Pflanzen welche in seinem Gärtner-Lexicon vorkommen published in Nürnberg: Winterschmidt, 1768-1782. The watermarks in this work are a study in history with an intricate connection to the Declaration of Independence. There are four distinct, strong watermarks on this paper of Dutch origin, two of which are remarkable. The first is the watermark J Honig & Zoonen. Paper similar to this, from the same time, bearing the same watermark was used to issue the priceless broadsides made by John Dunlap, official printer to the Congress 1776. Most of the 24 known copies are in public institutions, but one found at a flea market in Adamstown, PA for $4 sold at auction for $2.42 million in 1990.

Thomas Jefferson himself penned his “Rough Draft” of the Declaration on Dutch paper bearing the watermark of a lion in an oval boarder with the letters Pro Patria Eiusque Libertate, or For Country and Her Liberty! This watermark is also well represented in our selection, and we will note each sheet. Thus, our buyers can obtain not only a fine antique print, but a part of the history of the United States!

Philip Miller Watermark

The prints are rare, hand colored copper plate engravings in excellent condition. They are folio size, measuring approximately 10 inches by 15 ½ inches. The paper is a superb, heavy chain lined antique white paper with very little foxing or other defects. As is our custom, we have presented the top prints from the issue for our discriminating collectors. ALL our prints are original antiques, and these are guaranteed to be the stated age of almost 250 years old. Enjoy!

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