Beauties of the Rose by Henry Curtis 1850 Prints

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Pompone de St Radegonde Rose
BTR8 $75
Title Page
BTR9 $25
Bourbon Armosa Rose
BTR10 $95
Geant des Batailles
BTR11 $125
Robin Hood
BTR12 $115
Dr. Marx
Baronne Hallez
BTR14 $125
General Cavaignac
BTR15 $115
Standard of Marengo
BTR16 $115
Baronne Prevost
BTR17 $95
Tea Scented Irma
BTR18 $110
William Jesse
BTR19 $110
William Griffiths
BTR20 $95
Louise Peyronny
BTR21 $95
La Reine
BTR22 $95
The Dutchess of Sutherland
BTR23 $115
Tea, Coubault
BTR24 $95
Frontispiece, Reine des Fleurs
BTR25 $115
BTR26 $115
Prudence Raeser
BTR27 $110
China, Archduke Charles
Joan of Arc
BTR29 $115
Duchesse de Montipensier
BTR30 $95
Caroline de Sansal
BTR31 $95
Tea, Madame Willermorz
BTR32 $95
Souvenir de Malmaison
BTR33 $95
Queen Victoria
BTR34 $95
General Negrier
BTR35 $95
Tea Scented Souvenir
BTR36 $95
Tea Scented Eugene Desgaches
BTR37 $95
Tea Scented, Vicomtesse de Cazes
BTR38 $95
Tea Scented, Elisa Sauvage
BTR43 $95
Tea Scented, Safrano
BTR39 $115
General Drouot
BTR44 $95
China Cramoisie Superieure
BTR45 $95
Bourbon Margat Jeune
BTR46 $95

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Beauties of the Rose by Henry Curtis 1850 Prints

This work is a testament to many of the old roses that used to be found in English gardens, and which some nurseries now feature again. Henry Curtis himself owned two nurseries in Bristol England in the 1800’s. The stock of these establishments provided the specimens for his publication The Beauties of the Rose by Henry Curtis.

Each print is a hand colored lithograph heightened with gum arabic showing a prized specimen of the day in full bloom. The roses are beautiful indeed! The paper is a soft white measuring about 7 3/4 inches by 10 1/4 inches, with very few imperfections of any kind.

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