James Sowerby Botanical Prints 1791

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Small-flowered Sweet Briar
SOW2490 $35
Soft-leaved Round-fruited Rose
Glaucous-leaved Rose
SOW2367 $35
Narrow-leaved Solomon's Seal
SOW128 $25
Rose-bay Willow-herb
SOW1947 $35
Forsterian Rose
SOW2611 $35
Clustered Bell-flower
SOW90 $25
Black or Lesser Knapweed
SOW278 $35
Hairy Altea (no text)
SOW2674 $25
Great Leopard's-bane
SOW2654 $35
Corn Blue-bottle
SOW277 $35
Lesser gold-colored Crocus
SOW36B $35
Yellow Poppy
SOW66 $35
Field Larkspur
SOW1839 $35
Great Spear-wort
SOW100 $35
Lesser Periwinkle
SOW917 $35
Creeping Crowfoot
SOW516 $35
Welch Speedwell
SOW673 $25
Yellow Balsam
SOW937 $35
Spring Gentian
SOW493 $25
SOW584 $35
SOW655 $25
Fringed Buckbean
SOW217 $35
White Beam-tree
SOW1858 $35
Sallow-thorn, Sea Buck-thorn
SOW425 $35
Black Bryony
SOW91 $35
Kohler's Bramble
SOW2605 $35
Stone Bramble
SOW2233 $25
Broad-leaved Monadelphous Willow
SOW1146 $35
Yew Tree
SOW746 $25
SOW1470 $35
Butcher's Broom
SOW560 $25
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Please click on each image to enlarge and for prices

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