Johannes Zorn Flower & Herb Prints 1796

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Arcea catecha, Palm
ZIP104 $49
Bromelia Ananas, Pineapple
Cocos nucifera, Coconut Palm
ZIP106 $49
Humulus Lupulus mas, Hops
ZIP107 $45
Bromelia Ananas, Pineapple
ZIP108 $45
Humulus Lupulus femina, Hops
Pyrus malus, Apple
ZIP114 $45
Panax quinquefolium-Ginseng
Momordica balsamina
ZIP112 $45
Cucumis colocynthis
ZIP116 $45
Anacardium occidentale, Cashew
ZIP119 $45
Vitis vinifera, Grape
Tamarindus indica, Tamarind
ZIP125 $45
Coffea arabica, Coffee
Amygdalus communis, Almond
ZIP127 $45
Vicia faba, Broad Bean
ZIP131 $45
Spinacia oleracea, Spinach
ZIP132 $45
Ribes rubrum, Red Currant
ZIP130 $45
Curcuma longa, Turmeric
ZIP134 $45
Cichorium endivia, Endive
ZIP135 $45
Raphanus satvius, Radish
ZIP136 $45
Cucurbita lagenaria, Long Melon
ZIP137 $45
Curcuma rotunda, Chinese Ginger
ZIP138 $45
Cucurbita lagenaria, Long Melon
ZIP139 $35
Beta vulgaris, Beet
ZIP140 $45
Solanum melongena, Eggplant
ZIP141 $45
Cucurbita citrullus, Watermelon
ZIP142 $45
Brassica rapa, Turnip
ZIP143 $45
Olea europaea, Olive
ZIP144 $45
Ficus carica, Fig
ZIP145 $45
Pistacia vera, Pistachio
ZIP146 $45
Ribes negrum, Black Currant
ZIP147 $45
Cicer arietinum, Chickpea
ZIP148 $45
Tuglans regia, Walnut
Pastinaca sativa, Parsnip
ZIP150 $45
Mespilus germanica, Medlar
ZIP151 $45
Nicotiana tabacum, Tobacco
ZIP152 $49
Gossypium herbaceum, Cotton
ZIP153 $49
Datura stramonium, Jimsonweed
ZIP154 $49
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Please click on each image to enlarge and for prices

Johannes Zorn Flower & Herb Prints 1796

We are pleased to offer a selection of original hand-colored copper engravings from the Dutch edition of Icones Plantarum Medicinalium by J. Zorn, published in Amersterdam 1796. This is an extremely rare work, in excellent condition, illustrating a wide variety of botanicals such as iris, water lily, violet, strawberry, herbs, spices & many more. The coloring is brilliant, much more vivid & fresh than is commonly found in this very antique work.

The prints are on a heavy, chain-lined paper with some bearing watermarks and all with strong plate marks. Each print measures approximately 5 inches wide by 8 ½ inches long, with no foxing and absolutely no text offset. There is no descriptive text, but a copy of the tile page will accompany each print. This work is about 220 years old. Please inspect the images carefully as they are quite accurate.

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