D'Orbigny Botanical Prints
Dictionnaire Universel díHistoire Naturelle 1849

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Dwarf Cardamom Ginger, Alpinia nutans
DBO17 $55
Carnation, Dianthus caryophyllus
DBO8 $65
Camellia, Camellia japonica
DBO28 $55
Cattleya Orchid, Lelia cattleioides
DBO19 $55
Canna Lily, Canna speciosa
DBO5 $55
Bird of Paradise, Strelitzia reginae
Astrapaea wallichii
DBO17A $55
Chinese Dwarf Banana, Musa chinensis
DBO6 $55
Dragon Tree, Dracaena brasiliensis
DBO12 $55
King Bolete Fungi, Boletus edulis
DBO7 $55
Maritime Pine, Pinus maritima
DBO69 $55
Edible Mushroom, Boletus circinans
DBO8A $55
Red Crown of Thorns Plant, Euphorbia splendens
DBO15 $55
Stapelia variegata
DBO14 $55
Bromeliads, Aechmea discolor
DBO4 $55
Begonia incarnata
DBO25 $55
Elephant Ear, Caladium bicolor
DBO2 $55
Cydonia japonica
DBO33 $55
Erica ardens
DBO23 $35
Skyflower, Plumbago capensis
DBO13 $45
Indigofera procumbens
DBO30 $35
American Pima Cotton, Gossypium vitifolium
The Tree Fern, Trichopteris excelsa
DBO16A $55
Shooting Star, Dodecatheon meadia
DBO19A $55
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D'Orbigny Botanical Prints

We are currently offering a selection of prints from the first edition of Charles DíOrbignyís Dictionnaire Universel díHistoire Naturelle published in 1849 by Renard & Martinet, Paris. As keen collectors of such works, we are delighted to obtain this one, considered by many experts to be the finest and best illustrated natural history work of the era. The superb, beautifully hand colored plates are from the leading French artists of the day such as Susemihl, Travier, Oudart and Pretre.

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