D'Orbigny Antique Prints

Mammal Prints 1849

Antique prints of lion, monkey, whale, jaguar and more

Bird Prints by Travies 1849

Antique prints of peacock, jay, eagle, owl, waxwing, rooster, pelican, and more

Botanical Prints 1849

Antique prints of tulip, dragon tree, carnation, passion flower, stapelia, bird of paradise and more

Sea Creature and Shell Prints 1849

Antique prints of lobster, crab, shells, fish and more

Ethnographic Prints 1849

Antique prints o
f Africans, Asians, Extinct Indian Tribe

 D'Orbigny Dictionnaire Universel díHistoire Naturelle 1849

We are currently offering a selection of prints from the first edition of Charles DíOrbignyís Dictionnaire Universel díHistoire Naturelle published in 1849 by Renard & Martinet, Paris. As keen collectors of such works, we are delighted to obtain this one, considered by many experts to be the finest and best illustrated natural history work of the era. The superb, beautifully hand colored plates are from the leading French artists of the day such as Susemihl, Travier, Oudart and Pretre.


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