Fern Prints, Tree Prints, Palm Prints, Grass Prints, Seaweed Prints

João Barbosa Rodrigues Sertum Palmarum Brasiliensium 1903
New Selection

Antique superb chromolithographs of palm trees and leaves 1903

Michaux North American Sylva Prints 1819
New Selection

Antique prints of cherry, oak, maple, palm & more

Henry Bradbury Antique Nature-Printed Seaweed Prints 1859
New Selection

Nature-printed seaweeds in
stunning detail 1859

Constantin Ettingshausen, Alois Pokorny
Nature Printed Ferns 1858

New Section

Sumptuous nature printed botanicals from Ettingshausen 1858

Vintage Fern Prints by
Eaton 1797

New Selection

Antique fern lithographs from Eaton

John Evelyn Sylva, Discourse of Forest Trees 1786
New Selection

Unique hand-colored prints of trees native to England forests 1786


1855 Bradbury More Folio Nature Printed Fern Prints
New Section

Nature-printed ferns and seaweeds in stunning detail 1855

E.J. Lowe Ferns British and Exotic 1856
New Selection

Beautiful wood block fern engravings

Buchoz Palm & Fern Prints

Antique prints of rattan, banana, coconut, betel nut, sagus palms, ferns 1783

Coignet & Harding Forest Trees & Landscapes 1828

Italian Pines, Palm Trees, Oak Trees, Birch, Beech, and more

Ettingshausen Nature Printed Ferns

Nature-printed grasses & grains 1856

Georg Dionysius Ehret Barbados Botanical &
Palm Prints 1750

Antique hand-colored prints of palms from The Natural History of Barbados

Harvey Folio
Seaweed Prints

Antique prints of seaweeds 1846-1851

Jacob George Strutt Sylva Britannica 1826

Hand-colored prints of antique & famous British trees

Palm Prints

Stunning antique prints of palm trees 1878

Lamarck Palm Prints

Antique print cycas, coconut, banana, cocoa, date palm 1790s

Lowe Most Beautiful
Leaved Plants

Antique prints of poinsettia, begonia, caladium, fern, ivy 1861

Palm Prints by Lemaire, Verschaffelt & Linden 1860-1896

Antique prints of palms & giant ferns 1860-1896

Rei Herbariae Prints

Antique prints of tulip, daffodil, thistle, marigold, bellflower, oak, ferns 1703

Seaweed Prints by James Sowerby

from English Botany or
Colored Figures of British Plants 1791

Step Fern Prints,
Palm Prints & Grass Prints

Antique prints from Step

Zorn Fern Prints 1799

Antique prints of asplenium, polypodium, osmunda ferns

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