Lowe Ferns British and Exotic 1856

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Title Page
LOW2 $
Title Page
LOW3 $
Title Page
LOW4 $
Title Page
LOW1 $
Asplidium Recedens
LOW200 $35
Polybotrya Osmundacea
Davallia Pedata
LOW202 $35
Thyrsopteris Elegans
LOW203 $35
Polypodium Decumanum
LOW204 $35
Polypodium Vacillans
LOW205 $35
Acrostichum Crispatulum
LOW206 $35
Nephrolepsis Ensifolia
LOW207 $35
Angiopteris Evecta
LOW208 $35
Woodwardia Areolata
LOW209 $35
Blechnum Orientale
LOW210 $35
Blechnum Triangulatum
LOW211 $35
Polypodium Coronans
LOW212 $35
Polypodium Decumanum
LOW213 $35
Polypodium Propinquum
LOW214 $35
Lomaria Capensis
LOW215 $35
Polypodium Harpeodes
LOW220 $35
Doodia Aspera
LOW221 $35
Polypodium Coronans
LOW223 $35
Lomaria Procera
Polypodium Auritum
LOW224 $35
Gleichenia Dichotoma
LOW225 $35
Polypodium Effusum
LOW226 $35
Polypodium Alpestre
LOW227 $35
Polypodium Subpetiolatum
LOW228 $35
Polypodium Palustre
LOW229 $35
Polypodium Inaequale
LOW231 $35
Asplenium Caudatum
LOW67 $35
Tobea Hymenophylloides
LOW232 $35
Aspidium Spinescens
Thyrsopteris Elegans
LOW235 $35
Aspidium Proliferum
LOW37 $35
Cheilanthes Micromera
6 $35
Pteris Sulcata
7 $35
Asplenium Auritum
8 $35
Diplazium Thelypteroides
9 $35
Doodia Aspera
40 $35
Cheilanthes Spectabilis
41 $35
Nephrolepis Hirsutula
242 $35
Nephrolepis Undulata
43 $35
Asplenium Auritum
44 $35
Nephrolepis Davalliodes
45 $35
Alsophila Capensis
Davallia Polyantha
47 $35
Todia Africana
48 $35
Dicksonia Culcita
49 $35
Davallia Lindleyi
51 $35
Cyathea Excelsa
44 $35
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Please click on each image to enlarge and for prices

Lowe Ferns British and Exotic 1856

We are very pleased to offer prints from the first edition of Ferns: British & Exotic by EJ Lowe, Esq. This lovely work was published in London, by Groombridge and Sons. From about 1855 on Groombridge was the principal publisher for the renowned Benjamin Fawcett, the greatest color printer of the 19th century. Fawcett pioneered a system of wood block engraving from multiple wood blocks that resulted in vivid finely colored works such as this marvelous book. This process was called chromoxylography (color wood engraving). A History of Ferns was Fawcett's first large project that was almost entirely color printed, with a little hand finishing.

Edward Joseph Lowe was an independently wealthy naturalist and member of the Royal society, who also published other works such as Beautiful Leaved Plants, in 1861 & A Natural History of British Grasses in 1862. A.F. Lydon was the artist and supervised the color engraving of the plates, & funding for the enterprise likely was provided by Lowe himself.

It is a comprehensive and beautiful work on ferns from all over the world. The prints are in excellent condition, with a superb elegance that lends itself to very contemporary as well as traditional environments. The paper is quite thick & creamy and each print measures approximately 6 inches wide by 9 ½ inches long, with a little foxing on a few prints as shown. The prints are accompanied by the ORIGINAL text whenever possible & a copy of the title page. Please review the photos carefully as they are very accurate. All our prints are guaranteed to be original antique prints and these prints are almost 150 years old.

We accept credit cards & PayPal. Florida state residents pay Florida state sales tax. Shipping for this item is $8.95. Items can be combined to save on postage. International shipping starts at $30 but may be more depending on the size of the prints and the country. Buyers are responsible for all customs duties. Our environment is smoke free. We pack professionally using only new materials. All items are beautifully wrapped and suitable for sending directly as gifts. You may return any item within 15 days if not satisfied. To order, you may call us at 1-888-PANTEEK, or send email to panteek@aol.com

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