Sepp & Zorn Icones Plantarum Medicinalium Amsterdam Engravings

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Calendula officinalis
Iris pseudacorus
ZIP155 $45
Inula dysenterica
ZIP160 $45
Leontodon taraxacum, Dandelion
Tragopogon partense
ZIP162 $49
Arnica montana
ZIP163 $45
Scorzonera humilis
ZIP164 $45
Adonis vernalis
ZIP165 $49
Scorzonera hispanica
ZIP166 $45
Lonicera periclymenum, Honeysuckle
Cheiranthus cheiri, Wallflower
Hypochaeris maculata
ZIP169 $45
Centaurea centaurium
ZIP170 $45
Crocus sativus
ZIP171 $49
Carduus marianus, Thistle
ZIP172 $45
Scabiosa arvensis
Iris germanica
Symphytum officinale
ZIP175 $45
Viola odorata, Violet
ZIP176 $49
Aquilegia vulgaris
ZIP180 $49
Pinguicula vulgaris, Butterwort, Carnivorous Plant
ZIP178 $49
Verbascum thapsus
ZIP182 $45
Chelidonium majus
ZIP183 $45
Verbascum nigrum
ZIP184 $45
Primula versis officinalis
ZIP185 $45
Asphodelus luteus
ZIP186 $45
Mirabilis jalappa
ZIP187 $45
Matricaria parthenium
ZIP188 $45
Solidage virga aurea
ZIP189 $45
Matricaria chamomilla, Chamomile
ZIP190 $45
Delphinium consolida
Borago officinalis
ZIP192 $45
Delphinium staphisagria
ZIP193 $45
Veronica beccabunga
ZIP194 $45
Gentiana pneumonanthe
ZIP195 $45
Echium vulgare
ZIP196 $45
Eryngium campestre
ZIP197 $45
Lobelia siphilitica
ZIP198 $45
Ajuga reptans
ZIP199 $45
Aconitum napellus
ZIP200 $45
Dracocephalum moldarica
ZIP201 $45
Aconitum cammarum
ZIP202 $45
Salvia officinalis
ZIP203 $45
Salvia horminum
ZIP204 $45
Ajuga pyramidalis
ZIP205 $45
Vinca minor
ZIP206 $45
Geum rivale
ZIP207 $45
Anemone pratensis
ZIP208 $45
Tussilago sarsara
ZIP209 $45
Inula helenium
Sonchus oleraceus
ZIP211 $45
Convolvulus scammonea
ZIP212 $45
Ranunculus ficaria
ZIP213 $45
Rhododendron chrysanthum
ZIP214 $45
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Please click on each image to enlarge and for prices

Sepp & Zorn Icones Plantarum Medicinalium Amsterdam Engravings

We are pleased to offer a selection of original hand-colored copper engravings from the Dutch edition of Icones Plantarum Medicinalium by J. Zorn, published in Amersterdam 1796. This is an extremely rare work, in excellent condition, illustrating a wide variety of botanicals such as iris, water lily, violet, strawberry, herbs, spices & many more. The coloring is brilliant, much more vivid & fresh than is commonly found in this very antique work.

The prints are on a heavy, chain-lined paper with some bearing watermarks and all with strong plate marks. Each print measures approximately 5 inches wide by 8 ½ inches long, with no foxing and absolutely no text offset. There is no descriptive text, but a copy of the tile page will accompany each print. This work is about 220 years old. Please inspect the images carefully as they are quite accurate.

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