Segar Heraldic Crests Baronagium Geneaologicum 1764

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William Irby Baron Boston of Boston and Baronet, with genealogy text
SGR476 $
Mary Wortley Montague, Baroness Mount Stuart, with genealogy text
SGR468 $
John Dunning, Baron Ashburton of Ashborton, County of Devon
SGR96 $245
Vere Beanslerk, with genealogy text
SGR449 $225
Prince Frederick, Duke of York & Albany,
Earl of Ulster, Great Britain & Ireland
SGR1A $295
Prince Henry Frederick, Duke of Cumberland & Strathern,
Earl of Dublin, Great Britain & Ireland
SGR2 $295
The Right Honourable Augustus Keppel, Viscount Keppel of Elveden, in the Country of Suffolk
SGR28 $245
George Touchet, Baron Audley of Helegh Castle,
Stafford Country
SGR35 $295
Elizabeth Berkley, Baroness Botetourt
SGR40 $295
Elizabeth Gunning, Baroness Hamilton of Hameldon, Leicester County
SGR60 $295
Henry Stawell Bilson Legge, Baron Stawell of Somerton,
Somerset Country
SGR54 $295
Thomas Reynolds Moreton, Baron Ducie of Tortworth
SGR58 $295

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