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Friedrich Martin Von Reibisch Der Rittersaal 1836
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Antique prints of ancient armour, knights, jousting, weapons & more

Ackermann's Repository Costume Prints

Antique ladies' fashion prints from the monthly magazine by Rudolph Ackermann 1825

Catton Heraldic Crest Prints 1790

English Peerage by Charles Catton 1790

George Barbier French Fashion Prints 1912

Superb French Pochoir prints from Costume Parisiens

Jacobs Heraldic Crest Prints

Antique prints of heraldry c1790

Jefferys Old English Dress 1757

A Collection of the Dresses of Different Nations, Ancient and Modern, focusing on European and English dress

Johannes Bolland Emblems 1640

Fascinating vignettes of mythology and more

Knight's Heraldic Crests

from Knightís Heraldic Illustrations, Designed for the use of Herald Painters and Engravers 1855

Meyrick Ancient Armor Prints

Antique prints of ancient armor 1842

Rapin Coin Prints

Antique prints from The History of England 1733-1786

Richardson Heraldic Crests

Antique prints of heraldic crests and heraldry c1780

Segar Coats of Arms, Heraldic Crests, Family Trees

from Baronagium Genealogicum: or the Pedigrees of the English 1764

Segoing Armorial Universal 1679

Original engravings from the 17th Century


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