Adams Wildflower Prints 1907

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Tansy, Yarrow, Sneezewort
HIA49 $35
Marigold, Goldenrod, Ragwort
HIA50 $45
Flea-Bane, Spikenard
Chamomile, Chrysanthemum, Moon Daisy
HIA52 $45
HIA53 $45
Borage, Hound's-Tounge
HIA55 $35
Butterwort Family, Carniverous Flowering Plants
HIA58 $45
Forget-Me-Not, Myosotis
Gentian, Centaury, Yellowwort, Bog Bean
HIA60 $45
Millet, Bugloss, Lungwort, Evergreen Alkanet
HIA61 $35
Corn Flower Blue-Bottle, Saw-Wort, Knapweed
Wood Spurge, Common Box, Dog's Mercury
HIA66 $35
Common Broom, Common Gorse, Dyer's Green Weed
HIA67 $35
Common Sow-Thistle, Ivy-Leaved Lettuce, Rough Hawkbit
HIA68 $35
Hemp Agrimony, Wormwood, Cudweed
Goat's Bird, Cat's Ear, Mouse-Ear Hawk Weed
Bellflower, Harebell, Rampion, Venus' Looking Glass
Heath, Erica
The Bird's-Nest Family
HIA74 $35
Valerian Family
HIA48 $35
The Thrift Family, Sea-Pink, Sea-Lavendar
HIA76 $35
The Rose Family, Hawthorn
The Periwinkle Family
HIA80 $35
Scarlet Pimpernel, Sea Milkwort
HIA81 $35
The Jacob's Ladder Family, Polemonium
HIA82 $35
Wild Liquorice, Yellow Melilot
HIA83 $25
The Broom-Rape Family, Toothwort, Orobanche
HIA56 $35
Water Violet, Cyclamen
HIA8 $45
The Borage Family, Viper's Bugloss
Everlasting Pea, Vetchling, Lathyrus
HIA87 $25
The Pea Family, Bush Vetch
HIA88 $35
Lady's Finger, Sainfoin, Bird's Foot
HIA89 $25
Rock Rose Family
HIA90 $35
Wood Anemone, Clematis, Traveller's Joy
Wild Basil, Marjorum, Mint, Thyme Herbs
HIA92 $45
Pepperwort, Watercress, Shepherd's Purse
HIA93 $35
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Adams Wildflower Prints 1907

The wealth of talented artists in botanical illustration never ceases to amaze and Harriet Adams is another outstanding discovery. A member of the Botanical Society of the British Isles and a fellow of the Linnaean Society, she was a graduate of Birmingham Art School. She worked in the Arts and Crafts style, designing bookplates and a children's book: Little Red Riding Hood and the History of Tom Thumb.

As we know so little about her, but were astonished by the beauty of this work, suffice it to quote below part of an article published in 1907 by the Spectator (Archives):

“We have seen few flower drawings (always excepting Curtis's Flora Londinensis) that have given us so much pleasure to look at. From one to half-a-dozen plants are figured on a page; but Miss Adams manages to keep the character of each species distinct, and the grouping is often full of skill and grace. We have nothing but praise for the colouring, especially the various greens. The yellow of the rock-rose is beautiful, and the more subdued mauves and pinks are excellent.”

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