Fish Prints, Coral Prints, Starfish Prints & Shells Prints

John Ellis Coral Prints 1776
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Antique prints from The Natural History of many Uncommon & Curious Zoophytes 1776
Lamarck Shell Prints 1782
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Antique prints of nautilus, cone, voluta, & other shells

Albertus Seba
Locupletissimi Rerum Naturalium Thesauri

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Antique prints of sea urchin, echinus, parrot, honey creeper, manakin

United States Fish Commission Volume 23 Bien Fishes Hawaii 1903
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Antique fish prints of fish, crabs

Lamarck, Bruguiere &
Bory Starfish, Sea Stars,
Sea Urchins Prints

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Antique prints of sea creatures from Lamarck

Bloch Fish Prints 1783
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Copper engravings by
Marcus Elieser Bloch

Bertuch Whales &
Sea Creatures

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Antique prints whales, orca, porpoise, seals, starfish, octopus, & more

Bertuch Vintage Prints Sea Shells, Fish 1790
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Antique prints of fish, shells, coral & more

George Wolfgang Knorr Seashell Prints 1757
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Antique prints of nautilus, scallops, heart chama, cowrie, conch & more

G.E. Rumphius Shell Prints
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Antique prints of shells from Georgius Everhardus Rumphius

1757 Lamarck & Redoute Antique Conchology Shells
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Black & white shell prints

1827 Captain Thomas Brown Conchology Great Britain & Ireland Shell Prints

First edition, original hand colored engravings of shells

Bakufu Ohno Familiar Fishes, Flowers & Birds 1938

from the Familiar Fishes of Nippon
by Bakufu Ohno

Bertuch Fish and Shell Prints

Antique prints of crab, coral, starfish, flying fish, salmon, and more 1790

Bonnaterre Fish Prints 1788

Antique prints of puffer fish, sun fish,
trout, sharks, salmon & more 1788

Brissonniere Fish Prints 1954

Antique prints of flying fish, swordfish and more
Commodore Perry Expedition to China & Japan Prints 1852

Antique prints Chinese and
Japanese Fish
De Kay Crustacean Prints

Antique prints of lobster, crab, shells and more 1843
Dezallier D'Argenville
Antique Shells Prints 1780

Antique prints, hand-coloured of shells, nautilus, coral & more

Diderot Histoire Naturelle

Antique hand-colored prints of corals, shells, and more c1770

Donovan Fish, Shells and Sea Creatures

Donovan's Naturalists' Repository and Donovan's British Fishes

Ernst Haeckel Kunstformen der Natur Prints 1899

All the great prints in fine condition

Friedrich Heinrich Wilhelm Martini Shell Prints 1768

Antique prints of shells from Neues systematisches Conchylien-Cabinat 

Friedrich Strack Natural History Fish 1820

Antique hand colored fish prints from Naturgeschichte in Bildern mit erlauterdem 1820
George Edwards Fish, Zebra, Reindeer Prints 1743

Antique prints of monkey, elephant, rhino, turtle, fish, zebra & more

Georg Ehret History Barbados 1750

Fish, coral, starfish, and crab from the Natural History of Barbados 1750

Guerin Crab, Fish, Shell Prints

Antique prints of crabs, fish, jellyfish, shells 1836-1839

Houghton Fish Prints

Antique prints of salmon, trout, carp, char, sturgeon, perch
& more 1879

Jardine's Naturalist Library British Fish

Hand-colored prints of swordfish, sea horse, flying fish, salmon & more 1836

Johann Esper
Coral Prints 1791

New Prices

Millepora, spongia, gorgonia, isis, tubularia corals & sponges

Johnston Merian 1767 Fish, Crab, & Shell

Fish, crab, lobster, whale, shell Johnston's Piscibus et Cetis 1767

Kiener Shell Prints 1834

Rare hand-colored stipple engravings of turbinella, fusus, voluta, casque, murax, triton, etc

Lamarck Antique Prints

Antique prints of starfish, shells, sand dollar, sea urchin & more 1782

Leopold Fitzinger antique fish prints Naturgeschichte Der Fische 1864

Antique prints of puffer fish, sunfish, stingray, flying fish, catfish, sharks, sturgeon & more 1864

Lister Shell Prints

Antique prints of volute, cone, conch, cowrie from Historiae Conchyliorum 1770

Louis Agassiz
Shell Prints 1840

Antique prints of volute, cone, conch, cowrie and many more
Maria Sibylla Merian Shells 1766 from Amboinische Raritäten-Kammer oder by Georg Eberhard Rumpf

Antique prints of shells by Maria Sibylla Merian 1766

Martini Lister Conchyliorum Shell Prints 1770

Historiae Conchyliorum rare
large paper edition published

Oken Fish & Shell Prints

Hand-colored prints of shells, jellyfish, sea urchin, coral, fish & more

Orvis Favorite Flies 1892

Rare chromolithographs of fishing flies

Pacific Fish & Shells 1931

Antique prints of fish, lobster, crabs, jellyfish, shells, seaweed

Pennant Crab, Starfish, Sea Urchin & Shell Prints

Antique prints from Thomas Pennant's British Zoology 1812

Rees Cyclopedia Shell, Fish, Coral, Crab Prints

Antique prints of shells, coral, jellyfish, starfish, crabs, fish 1802

Reeve Shell Prints

Antique prints of shells from Elements of Conchology 1846

S.F. Denton
Fish Prints 1895

Beautiful chromolithographs of salmon, trout, lobster, mackerel & many more from 1895

Scheuchzer Shell Prints 1728

Antique prints of starfish, shells, fossils from Physica Sacra 1728

Schubert Prints 1889

Antique prints of shark, flying gurnard whale, walrus 1889

Shaw & Nodder Fish, Corals, Shells & Sea Creatures 1795

Antique prints of corals, shells, fish & marine life 1795

Sowerby Shell Prints

Antique prints of sea shells from A Conchological Manual 1852

Valentijns Fanciful Fish Prints

Antique prints of swordfish, dolphin fish, flying fish, lobsters, crabs, etc. 1726

Waterhouse Hawkins Fish Prints

from John Edward Grays's Illustrations of Indian Zoology, 1830

Wilhelm Antique Prints Fish, Fisherman and Boats 1810

Antique aquatic prints
Wilhelm Shell & Sea Creature Prints 1810

Antique copper engravings by Gottlieb Tobias Wilhelm
Zoological Society of London Crab & Shell Prints

Antique prints of crabs, lancet fish, chama shells, & more from 1835

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