Orvis Marbury Favorite Flies 1892

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Portrait of Charles Orvis
Title Page
Disputing the Fly Question
ORS6 $25
Bass Flies
ORS276 $95
Bass Flies
ORS240 $95
Lake Flies
ORS72 $95
Lake Flies
ORS42 $95
Bass Flies
ORS282 $95
Lake Flies
ORS54 $95
Lake Flies
ORS78 $95
Lake Flies
Lake Flies
ORS60 $95
Bass Flies
ORS252 $95
Bass Flies
ORS246 $95
Bass Flies
ORS264 $95
Bass Flies
ORS258 $95
Trout & Bass Flies
ORS288 $95
Bass Flies
ORS270 $95
ORS4 $55
Lake Flies
ORS66 $95
Beetles & Chrysopa
ORS5 $45

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Orvis MarburyFavorite Flies 1892

Lovers of fly fishing will delight in this collection of tied flies from an original rare copy of "Favorite Flies and Their Histories," 1892.  The book was compiled by Mary Orvis Marbury, daughter of the founder of the Orvis  fishing tackle company that is still a leading name in fishing gear. In 1890, Marbury sent to seasoned anglers throughout the United States specific questions about their favorite fly. Their answers were compiled into the book and combined with beautiful illustrations released two years later. Each print is an original chromolithograph measuring 7 inches by 9 1/4 inches on a smooth ivory paper. Some prints are embellished with actual silver and gold.

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