1800 Mushroom and Toadstool prints from Vietz

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Datura stramonium
VI252 $55
Mespilus domestica
VI253 $55
Atropa belladonna
VI254 $55
Acer laciniatum
VI255 $55
Aesculus pavia
VI256 $55
Ginger, Amomum zingiber
VI257 $55
Raspberry, Rubus idaeus
VI258 $65
Plum, Prunus domestica
VI259 $55
Mulberry, Morus nigra
VI260 $55
Ornithogalum umbellatum
VI261 $55
Orchid, Orchis militaris
VI262 $65
Ornithogalum nutans
VI263 $55
Tea, Thea viridis
VI264 $65
Sugar Cane, Saccharum officinale
VI265 $65
Tea, Thea bohea
VI266 $65
Ribes rubrum
VI267 $55
Grapes, Vitis vinifera
Mulberry, Morus rubra
VI269 $55
Lemon Balm, Melissa officinalis
VI270 $45
Black Pepper, Piper nigrum
VI271 $55
Catnip, Nepeta cataria
VI272 $55
Allspice, Myrtus pimenta
VI273 $55
Corn, Maize, Zea mays
VI274 $55
Olive, Olea europea
Phallus esculentus, Morel Mushroom
VI276 $65
Agaricus fimetarius Mushroom
VI277 $55
Agaricus campestris, Field Mushroom
VI278 $65
Agaricus lactifluus Mushrooms
VI279 $55
Agaricus deliciosus, Saffron Milk Cap Mushroom
VI280 $55
Agaricus cantharellus, Chanterelle Mushroom
VI281 $65
Agaricus lactifluus aureus Mushroom
VI337 $55
Agaricus violaceus Mushrooms
VI338 $55
Agaricus integer Mushrooms
VI339 $55
Agaricus integer viridis Mushroom
VI340 $55
Agaricus integer purpureus Mushroom
Agaricus integer violaceus Mushroom
VI342 $55
Agaricus forminosus Mushroom
VI343 $55
Agaricus muscarius Fly Agaric
VI344 $55
Agaricus piperatus Mushroom
VI346 $45
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Please click on each image to enlarge and for prices

1800 Mushroom and Toadstool prints from Vietz

We are delighted to present a selection of these exceedingly rare & beautiful original hand colored copper engravings from the monumental Icones plantarum medico-oeconomico-technologicarum, published in Vienna from 1800 to 1822. Ferdinand Bernhard Vietz (1772-1815) was the artist and engraver. In its entirety, this work consists of 11 volumes with 1100 botanical plates.

It was published at a time when Germany was transitioning from the overblown & elaborate Rococo style to the classic & elegant Biedermeier period. Under the neo-classical influence, design became simpler and more sophisticated. The style of Vietz is unique, in that it is a distillation of the work of many great botanical illustrators such as Blackwell, Weinman, Zorn & Woodville into a form that is superbly beautiful, with some of the most highly decorative engravings of all time. Vietz was an Austrian physician and Doctor of Medicine in Vienna & later on a Professor of forensic medicine at Vienna.

This monumental work is one of the rarest of all such publications, the British Natural History Museum writes of its own copy:

"Today, the work appears to be of extreme rarity, not being held in any other of the United Kingdom's national or public library collections. Only three copies have been found in North American libraries, of which two are certainly fragile and in need of conservation. One copy is in the Austrian National Library."

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