The Four Seasons Bird and Flower Albums (Keinen Kacho Gafu)

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Citrus, Wren
KNS100 $165
Japanese White Eye, Persimmon
KNS101 $165
Perching bird, Gourd
KNS102 $155
Long Tail Tit, Forsythia
KNS103 $165
Perching Bird, Maple
Flycatcher, Spindle Tree
KNS105 $145
Finch, Cherry Blossoms
KNS106 $155
Oriole, Plum Blossoms
KNS107 $165
Ruby Throat, Peach Blossom
NS108 $145
Siberia Blue Tail, Crepe Myrtle
Honshu Pigmy Woodpecker, Trumpet Vine
KNS110 $155
Finch, Blossoms
KNS111 $165
Crab Apple Blossoms, Canary
Peonies & Peking Robin
KNS113 $165
Brambling, Rose, Bamboo
KNS114 $155
Skylark, Amaranthus
KNS115 $135
Sunflower, Bunting
KNS116 $185
Hibiscus, Japanese Robin Redbreast
KNS117 $175
Finch, Fruit
KNS118 $155
Black Robin, Pumpkin
KNS119 $185
Lovebird, Pomegranate
KNS120 $175
Cotton Plant, Wren
KNS121 $165
Hibiscus, Temminck's Robin
KNS122 $165
Citrus, Wren
Perching Bird, Spring Blossoms
KNS124 $145
White Magnolia, Java Sparrow
KNS125 $165
Sparrow, Plum
KNS126 $165
Red Robin, Pear Blossom
Rustic Bunting,Cherokee Rose
Alpine Accentor, Sasanqua Camellia
KNS129 $155
Morning Glory, Finch
KNS130 $155
Hydrangea, Tit
KNS131 $175
Coal Tit, Chinese Wisteria
Flycatcher, Deutzia
KNS133 $165 $165
Waxwing, Silver Grass, Gentian
 KNS134 $165
Redpoll, Rose Mallow
KNS135 $165
Jasmine, Bunting
KNS136 $155
KNS137 Sparrow, Chinese Lantern
KNS138 $145
Iris, Lily, Skylark
KNS139 $155
Orchid, Reeds, Finch
 KNS140 $155
Reeds, Jonquil, Chestnut Bunting
Chestnut, Flycatcher
KNS142 $145
Waxwing, Pine
Tit, Pine
 KNS144 $145
Some Prints May be on Slightly Darker Paper
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Please click on each image to enlarge and for prices

The Four Seasons Bird and Flower Albums (Keinen Kacho Gafu)

Keinan Kacho Gafu, or Bird and Flower Albums by Keinen, are Panteek's latest offerings of Japanese Shin Hanga prints. The masterful color woodblocks, carved by Tanaka Jirokichi, lend a delicate beauty to each portrait of birds in their natural settings.

Imao Keinen (1845-1924) studied ukiyo-e ("floating world") woodblock prints and other traditional Japanese art styles, becoming a professor at the Kyoto Prefecture School of Painting in 1880. These prints, from Keinan Kacho Gafu, solidified his importance to Japanese art. Soon after their publication in 1891 he was made a member of the Imperial Household Art Committee and a Member of the Imperial Art Academy.

These breathtakingly beautiful woodblock prints illustrate more than 100 different birds in specific seasonal settings with flowers and blossoms. Though little known in the west, they represent a pinnacle of the Shin Hanga movement and are treasures rarely seen with this printing quality and fine state of preservation.

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