Johann Weinmann Garden Vegetables

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Solanum Capsicum: Pepper
WNM208 Reg Price: $350
Sale Price: $195
Solanum Mordens: Hot Pepper
WNM209 Reg Price: $350
Sale Price:
Solanum Tuberosum Pepper
WNM210 Reg Price: $350
Sale Price: $195
Latuca Sativa: Lettuce
WNM218 Reg Price: $295
Sale Price: $145
Raphanus sativus, Turnip
WNM222 Reg Price: $295
Sale Price: $145
Brassica capitata Cho Fleur: Cauliflower
WNM215 Reg Price: $325
Sale Price: $175
Allium, Ornithogalum: Garlic
WNM222 Reg Price: $315
Sale Price: $165
Asparagus Officinalis: Asparagus
WNM224 Reg Price: $295
Sale Price: $235
Wachendorfia: Lily
WNM225 $295
Sale Price: $145
Pisum Majus: Garden Pea
WNM226 Reg Price: $350
Sale Price: $195
Endivia Sativa: Endive, Garden Salad
WNM227 Reg Price: $315
Sale Price: $165
Pisum Folio: Garden Pea
WNM226 Reg Price: $325
Sale Price: $175
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Johann Weinmann Botanical Prints 1787

We are very pleased to present a wonderful selection of prints from Johann Weinmann’s Phytanthoza Iconographia, 1737-1787. These are rare and beautiful prints representing the some of the most beautiful in this work of over 1,000 hand colored engravings. Johann Weinmann directed a famous pharmacy in Regensburg. His Phytanthoza Iconographia was a huge work in eight folio volumes which provided one of the most comprehensive reference of the eighteenth century.  The engraver, J.J. Haid printed many of the illustrations utilizing a mezzotint technique used by the Englishman, Kirkall.  Each print measures approximately 10 inches wide by 17 inches long on a thick, high quality chain-lined, hand-made paper, watermarked & light creamy in color.

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