Les Dons Merveilleux et Diversement Colories de la Nature by Buchoz 1782

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Une Antique Couvere de Vermisseaux et Madrepore
Urn with Madrepore Coral
BUZ201 $625
Title Page
BUZ202 $
L'Homme, La Femme
Man & Woman

BUZ203 $
Petite Peroche de Cythere
Parrot, Flycatcher
La Crande Veuve
Great Widowbird
Page du roi de la Chine, le Danois blue, Pipleis des Indes
Blue, Red Asian Butterfly
, Swallowtails
BUZ209 $
Serpens Nuance de l'Amerique Snake
BUZ212 $225
La Dromadaire
Dromedary Camel
BUZ204 $
Aginete l'Amboine
BUZ215 245
Serpens a Sonneller, Rattle snake
Canard Branchu de La Louisiane Birds
BUZ220 $245
Nests, nid de merle
BUZ221 $245
Merle bleu de Moluques, Merle de Cayenne Birds
BUZ222 $225
Mecalline Blanche de Cayenne
BUZ223 $245
Waxwing, Jaseur femelle
BUZ224 $245
Corocoux de la Cayenne
BUZ225 $225
Hen & Rooster, Poule hupee de Numidie,
Coq de Numidie hupe
BUZ226 $245
Le geai de la Cayenne, Le Cotinda de Moliques
BUZ227 $225
Roosters, Le coq nain Pattu, Le coq a Crete doree
BUZ228 $245
Le Maimon
BUZ232 $275
Le Pitheque
BUZ233 $275
Le Mandril
BUZ234 $245
Le Singe Monmon
BUZ235 $245
Le Singe Satyre, Orangutan
BUZ236 $275
Le Magol
BUZ237 $245
Guaperva du Bresil, L'Orbis
Puffer fish
BUZ238 $245
Guaperva cendre, Guaperva tachete, Trigger Fish
BUZ242 $245
Turtle and Fish, Toitues de Schloffer and
Le Chaetodon Argus
BUZ240 $245
Shells, Fausse arche de Noe, L'ecriture chinoise,
Le Pavoi rubanne, Le grand argus, etc.
BUZ244 $245
Ostrich and Cassowary Eggs, Autruche d'Amerique, Casoar, and Autruche des Indes Orientalis
BUZ230 $245
Nautilus, Nautille papiraces avee son Polype de la Mediterranee
BUZ246 $245
Shells, Selles Polonaises, ronques Persiques
BUZ247 $225
Shells, La Pinices de chirurgien, La grande Pelerine,
La Dentale
BUZ248 $225
Shells, Pholade de france, Pholade du Senegal,
Multivale l'Amerique
BUZ249 $245
Bouteille trouvee dans le mer, Couverte de Vermisseaux, plantens marimes et Coquillages
BUZ250 $175
Madrepore heocagone des grandes Indes, Madrepore Corals
BUZ251 $175
Rocher surmonte d'une Sponge,
Rocher aveceponge en forme de verre, Sponges
BUZ252 $165
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Les Dons Merveilleux et Diversement Colories de la Nature by Buchoz 1782

Born in Metz (France) in 1731, Buchoz was a physician & lawyer by training, as well as a passionate naturalist. He was physician to many prominent individuals, including the King of Poland, the brother of the King of France & the Duke of Artois. He was an enthusiastic and prolific publisher of botanical works including Herbier Artificiel, Histoire du Regne Vegetal, Histoire Universelle ou Collections Precieuse Colories. Early on, he recognized the significance of Japanese & Chinese drawing techniques, and was the first to publish drawings by Asian artists, a good century before the passion for the Orient overtook Europe.

It is from Les Dons Merveilleux et Diversement Colories de la Nature, that we are pleased to offer a selection of original engravings, in the characteristic exotic style so distinctive of Buchoz. These prints are all ORIGINAL copper engravings from 1782 with fine ORIGINAL hand coloring of particular vibrancy. Each print measures approximately 11 inches by 17 ½ inches.

The condition of the plates is excellent, with the paper being a fine, watermarked chain lined type with strong plate marks. There are no fox marks or other blemishes & the paper is a soft white, with vibrant hand coloring. The title of each print is inscribed below in an old hand. Les Dons Merveilleux is exceedingly rare, one of the rarest of the Buchoz works, and contains some of the most iconic images in the world of antique prints. A copy of the title page will be included with each print. These prints are nearly 240 years old. (References: Cleveland’s Treasures from the World of Botanical Literature, 1998.)

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