Botanical Prints from Transactions of the Royal Horticultural Society

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Downtown Strawberry,
Antique Strawberry Print

THS125 $145
Chili Strawberry
THS126 $155
Florence Cherry
THS129 $
Pitmaston Orange Nectarine
Heirloom Nectarine Print
THS136 $
Heirloom Cherry Print
THS131 $155
Early Purple Griotte Cherry
THS132 $155
Braddick's American Peach
Heirloom American Peach Print
THS133 $225
Brabant Bellefleur Apple
Heirloom Apple Print
THS134 $185
Acton Scott Peach
THS137 $125
Mr. Knight's new Peach, from an Almond
THS138 $125
Musch-Musch Apricot
Heirloom Apricot Print
THS139 $165
Benthamia fragisera, Strawberry Tree,
Tropical Fruit Print
THS140 $
William's Bon Chretien,
Heirloom Pear Print

THS141 $165
Marie Louise Pear,
Heirloom Pear Print
THS142 $165
Ord Apple,
Antique Apple Print
THS143 $155
Red Doyenne Pear,
Ancient Pear Variety circa 1680
THS144 $
Althorp Crassane Pear,
Heirloom Dessert Pear
THS145 $155
Elton Pear
Heirloom Seedles Pear Variety Print
THS146 $145
Esperione Grape,
Heirloom Grape grown in Garden of King George III

THS147 $
Cannon Hall Muscat Grape,
Finest & Largest Grape in England in 1832, drawn by Mrs Withers
THS148 $165
Black Corinth Grape,
Heirloom Grape Print
THS149 $135
Verdelho Grape,
Heirloom Madeira Wine Grape Print
THS150 $
Variegated Chasselas Grape
THS151 $
Waterloo Cherry circa 1815,
named for the Battle of Waterloo fought as it ripened
Heirloom Cherry Print

THS152 $
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Please click on each image to enlarge and for prices

Botanical Prints from Transactions of the Royal Horticultural Society

In Transactions of the Horticultural Society of London we find some of the most beautifully illustrated and vibrant botanical and fruit prints in botanical illustration. Many prominent artist of the day contributed to the work, including W. Hooker, Mrs. Withers, J. Robertson, B. Cotton, E. Smith and more.

For the first time in England, steel plates were used for the engravings, along with a variety of techniques including mezzotint and hand coloring. The prints are also enhanced with gum arabic so the fruits almost glisten.

Each print measures approximately 8 3/4 by 11 inches on high quality wove paper that is soft white in color with some sheets bearing an 1819 watermark. A few prints are larger at 10 3/4 by 12 inches to 11 1/4 by 16 inches in size. The prints are in excellent condition, with vibrant hand coloring and very few defect. On a few, there is very light text offset as shown. They are rare prints and we are pleased to be able to offer such a good selection.

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