Heirloom Antique Fruit Prints, Hand Colored 1835

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Baltimore Apple
Heirloom American Apple Print

THS153 $135
Alexander Apple, weighed 19 ounces
Heirloom Giant Russian Apple Print
THS154 $145
Malcarle or Charles Apple
Heirloom Italian Apple Print
THS155 $145
Breedon Pippin, Lamb Abbey Pearmain,
Braddick Nonpareil, Pitmaston Russet Nonpareil
THS156 $135
Bequene Musque Pear, Bezi d'Heri Pear,
Chaptal Pear, Double de Guerre Pear
THS157 $135
Forelle, La Bonne Malinoise
THS158 $135
Downtown Pear, Eastnor Castle Pear,
Rouse Lench Pear, Monarch Pear
Mr. Knight's Seedling Plum
THS160 $135
Alexandrian Cioutat Grape
THS161 $135
Kishmush Grape
THS162 $135
Flat Peach of China,
Heirloom Chinese Peach Print

Pitmaston White Cluster Grape
THS164 $135
Native Wild Potato, Solanium Tuberosum, 2 prints, black & white one not shown
Origin Virginia USA brough to UK by Sir Walter Raleigh
Heirloom Potatoe Prints
THS165 $165
Ickworth Imperatrice Plum
THS166 $135
Seckle Pear
THS167 $145
Wilmot's new Early Orleans Plum
HEirloom Plum Print

THS168 $135
Beurree d'Aremberg Pear, Gloux Morceaux Pear
THS169 $135
Duchess d'Angouleme Pear
THS170 $125
Spring-Grove Codlin Apple
THS171 $125
Gravenstein Apple
THS172 $135
Red Powis Mango, Yellow Powis Mango
Heirloom Mango Fruit Print
THS173 $135
Pea, Potato
THS174 $125
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Heirloom Antique Fruit Prints, Hand Colored 1835

In Transactions of the Horticultural Society of London we find some of the most beautifully illustrated and vibrant botanical and fruit prints in botanical illustration. Many prominent artist of the day contributed to the work, including W. Hooker, Mrs. Withers, J. Robertson, B. Cotton, E. Smith and more.

For the first time in England, steel plates were used for the engravings, along with a variety of techniques including mezzotint and hand coloring. The prints are also enhanced with gum arabic so the fruits almost glisten.

Each print measures approximately 8 3/4 by 11 inches on high quality wove paper that is soft white in color with some sheets bearing an 1819 watermark. A few prints are larger at 10 3/4 by 12 inches to 11 1/4 by 16 inches in size. The prints are in excellent condition, with vibrant hand coloring and very few defect. On a few, there is very light text offset as shown. They are rare prints and we are pleased to be able to offer such a good selection.

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