Mammal Prints

Schinz Animal Kingdom Prints 1827
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Original fine lithographs of mammals from Heinrich R Schinz 1827

Buffon Histoire Naturelle Mammal Prints 1766
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Antique hand-colored prints of
monkey, dog, bear, raccoon, horse, jaguar, & more

Transactions of the Zoological Society of London
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Antique prints of lion, antilope, marsupials, orangutan, chimpanzee

Oken Natural History Mammal Prints
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Antique prints of elephant, giraffe, lion, whales, grizzly bear & more

Edwards Monkey, Elephant, Turtle Engravings 1743
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Antique prints of monkey, elephant, rhino, turtle, fish, zebra & more

Friedrich Strack Naturgeschichte in Bildern Mammal Prints 1820
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Antique prints of horse, deer, giraffe, camel, dolphin, hippo, whale & more

Bairei Mammal Prints

Antique Japanese woodblock prints of tiger, cat, bull, rabbit, and more

Bonnaterre Histoire Naturelle Bird, Monkey, Cat & Dog Prints 1791

Antique prints of monkeys, mandrill, dogs, cats & more 1791

Cassell Dog Prints

Antique prints from The Illustrated Book of the Dog 1890

Cavendish Duke of Newcastle Horse Prints

Antique prints from A General System of Horsemanship in All Its Branches 1743

D'Orbigny Mammal Prints

Antique prints of lion, monkey, whale, jaguar and more 1849

Donovan Quadruped Prints

Antique prints of dogs, bats, deer, and more from Edward Donovan's Natural History of British Quadrupeds 1820

Doughty Mammal Prints

Antique prints of horses, fox, ram,
dogs, hare, raccoon, porcupine 1830

Guerin Mammals Prints

Tiger, giraffe, elephant, monkey, bat, and more 1836

Jardine's Naturalist Library Dogs

Hand-colored prints of setter, terrier, bulldog, hound, and more 1840

Johnson's Household Book of Nature 1880

Antique prints of elephant, tiger, monkey, bear, and more from the original Johnson's Animal Kingdom 1880

Rees Cyclopedia Mammals

Antique prints of giraffe, horse, dog,
cat prints 1802

Schreber Mammal Prints

Antique prints of mammals from Die Saugthiere in Abbildungen 1775

Schubert Prints 1889

Antique prints of elephant, bears, lions, giraffe, chimpanzee, orangutan 1889

Shaw & Nodder Mammal Antique Prints

Antique prints of monkey, platypus,
and more from the Naturalist's Miscellany 1795

Shaw's Museum Levarianum Mammals

Hand-colored prints of monkey, polar bear, baboon, 1792

Storia naturale delle scimie 1812 Jacob Monkey Prints

Antique prints of monkey, orangutan, gibbon & more 1812

Turpin Mammal Prints

Antique prints of bat, rhinoceros, dolphin, monkey, etc. 1816

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