American Indian Prints & Ethnographic Prints

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McKenney Hall North American Indian Prints
New Selection

Thomas McKenney 1842, 1865
Indigenous Peoples of the World 1845
New Section

From Naturgeschichte und Abbildungen des Menschen
Oken Human Anatomy
Prints 1843

Antique prints of human anatomy
American Indians Series from Detroit Photographic Co

Photochroms of Apache, Ojibwa, Moki, Utes, Cliff Palace & more 1899
Bairei Japanese People Prints

Antique Japanese woodblock prints of samurai, fishermen and more
Bertuch Peoples of the World Prints 1790

Antique prints of Hawaii, Australia, Africa, Polynesia and more
D'Orbigny Ethnographic Prints 1849

Antique prints of Africans, Asians, Extinct Indian Tribe (U-Je-Jock)
Middleton Topographical, Ethnographic Prints

From The Complete System of Geography 1778
Pacific Railroad Surveys

Antique prints of Western Landmarks and American Indian Tribes 1853
Paul Jacoulet Original Woodblock Prints

Exquisite woodblock prints of Asian and Polyneasian peoples
Toyohara Chikanobu Woodblock Prints of Heroes and Heroines 1898

Antique Japanese woodblock prints


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