Alexander Wilson Ornithology Prints 1832

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Title Page
Alexander Wilson
Title Page
Fish-Hawk, Fish Crow, Ring Plover, Least Snipe
AWJ37 $55
Red winged Starling, Lesser Red poll
AWJ30 $75
Rose-breasted Grosbeak

Louisiana Tanager, Lewis's Woodpecker
 AWJ20 $75

Turle Dove, Tawney Thrush
AWJ43 $65

Long-eared Owl, Swallow-tailed Hawk
AWJ51 $65

Yellow-bellied Woodpecker, Band-tailed Pigeon
AWJ8 $45
AWJ41 $65
Black Hawk, Baltimore Oriole
AWJ53 $65
Golden-crested Wren, Black-capt Titmouse, Crested Titmouse AWJ8B $55 Great American Shrike, Pine Grossbeak, Shore Lark
AWJ5 $55
Slate-colored Hawk, Ground Dove
AWJ46 $25
Brown Thrush, Cat Bird, Bay-breasted Warbler, Mourning Warbler
AWJ14 $55
Turkey Buzzard, Black Vulture, Raven
Red cocaded Woodpecker, Pigeon Hawk, Blue-winged Yellow Warbler, Blue eyed Yellow Warbler
AWJ15 $55
Crow Blackbird female, Orange-crowned Warbler, Lark Finch
AWJ5B $55
Fort-tailed Flycatcher, Rocky Mountain Anteater, Golden Winged Warber female
AWJ1B $55
Canada Jay, Purple Grakle
AWJ21B $65
Palias Dipper, Bohemian Waxwing, Pine Bullfinch female
AWJ16B $65
Cow bunting, Maryland Yellow throat, Blue grey Flycatcher
AWJ18B $55
Florida Jay, Northern Three-toed Woodpecker
AWJ14B $65
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Alexander Wilson Ornithology Prints 1832

Alexander Wilson met William Bartram, the American naturalist and artist, who encouraged Wilsonís interest in ornithology.  So inspired, Wilson taught himself to draw and embarked on the work that was not only to take the rest of his life, but also predated Audubonís Birds of America. Wilson spent ten years of his life traveling widely in the eastern United States, discovering 26 previously unknown species.  The first edition of American Ornithology was printed from 1808-1814.  Sadly, Wilson died in 1813 before the completion of the publication and it was completed by George Ord. This 1832 edition is octavo size, with vivid hand coloring enhanced by gum arabic.  Each print measures approximately 5 1/2 wide by 8 1/2 inches long. 

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