Gottlieb Tobias Wilhelm Copper Engravings 1810

Wilhelm Shell & Sea Creature Copper Engravings
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Antique prints of shells, nautilus, oysters, razor clam & more

Wilhelm Butterfly & Moth
Copper Engravings

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Antique prints of butteflies, Luna moth, Death's Head Sphinx moth & more

Wilhelm Botanical Copper Engravings

Antique prints of passion flower, morning glory, cereus cactus, lily, nasturtium, etc.

Wilhelm Antique Prints Fish, Fisherman and Boats

Antique prints of butterfly fish, sword fish, jellyfish, cuttlefish & more

Wilhelm Antique Reptile & Amphibian Prints

Antique prints of frogs, toad, chameleon, turtles, rattlesnake, iguana and more

Wilhelm Palms, Citrus, Fruits and Vegetables

Antique prints nutmeg, orange lemon, coconut palm, chocolate, coffee, tea, etc

 Gottlieb Tobias Wilhelm Copper Engravings 1810

We are currently offering a selection of prints from the Wilhelm’s Natural History, published in Ausberg, Germany in 1810-1821. This extensive work contains accounts of exotic plants, fruits, vegetables, spices and flowers. The prints are original hand colored copper engravings in a very vivid, strong style.


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