Wening Bavarian Views 1701

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Haumbhausser Castle WEN77 $495
Each print measures approximately 29 inches by 12 ¼ inches.

From the southern end of Germany come these beautiful prints of castles and townships published in Historico-topographica Description by Michael Wening.  His numerous detailed engravings have provided a picturesque view of the Baroque era, bringing long-lost castles and townships back to life.

Born in Nuremberg, Wening was appointed Munich’s court engraver in 1669.  His concept was to publish a visual account of Bavaria’s four districts and he received permission from the duke, Maximilian Emanuel, to begin work on the project in 1696.  He finished more than 100 drawings within the first two months.  The first volume appeared in 1701, but work on the other three volumes was delayed in part by Austria’s occupation of Bavaria.  At least one volume was published after his death in 1718.

Each of Wening’s illustrations is set on chain lined, creamy paper, richly hand-colored to bring out the lively detail that makes the images so appealing.  Each print very large,  measuring approximately 29 inches by 12 ¼ inches. The condition of these prints is very for a work that is almost 300 years old. The photos are very accurate, so please review carefully.

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