Sugakudo Woodblock Prints Birds & Flowers 1859

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Moorhen, White Wisteria
SUG1 $195
Title Page
Woodpecker, Dog Violet
SUG18 $245
Snipe, Convolvulus
SUG4 $245
Striped Bulbul, Pine Tree
SUG5 $265
Moorhen, White Wisteria
SUG6 $
Macaw & Sweet Daphne
SUG7 $
Swallow, Safflower
SUG8 $
Hawk, White Pine
SUG9 $265
Hokicho Bird, Apricot, Sekisho Grass
SUG10 $
Chinese Hawk Cuckoo, Peony
White Eye Birds, Persimmon
Finches, Peach Blossom
SUG13 $
Light Vented Bulbul, Pomegrante,Rose, Balsam
SUG14 $
Titmouse, Red Maple, Cherry
SUG15 $245
Yoshikiri Bird, Reeds, Wisteria
SUG19 $
Plovers, Reeds
Shrike, Oak, Winter Camellia
SUG21 $195

Please click on each image to enlarge and for prices

Sugakudo Woodblock Prints Birds & Flowers 1859

We are very pleased to offer these rare and exceptional prints by Sugakudo Nakayama from his series "Birds and Flowers of the Four Seasons 1861" and "Exact Reproductions of 48 Hawks 1858". We found them in the book district of Tokyo, tucked away in a little shop, loose and with no information or title page. They are unusually colourful and striking prints.

Nakayama Sugakudo was a pupil of Hiroshige (1797-1858). Sugakuso’s bird and death dates are unknown. Each print is beautifully executed in vivid detail and strong colour and embossing, measuring 9 1/4 by 14 inches. We have tolerated a greater degree of imperfections than usual due to the scarcity of the prints. On some, there is old remargining of the print on one side in a skilful manner that barely shows in the images, but which we will not. A few print have a slightly darker background, but most are quite bright.

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