Friedrich Strack Natural History Fish 1820

While our images are electronically watermarked, the antique prints themselves are not.

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Each print measures approximately 9 3/4 inches wide by 7 3/4 inches long

This series of prints is from Illustrations of Natural History with Explanations or Naturgeschichte in Bildern mit erlauterdem by Christian Friedrich Leberecht Strack, issued in 1820 in Dusseldorf. The fish are smaller scale mirror images of the Bloch fishes, as indentified in Bloch’s Altas from Mergus.

The paper is Whatman paper, with some sheets bearing the JWhatman watermark. It is of a light to dark creamy color, with an occasional fox mark or light spotting, but the fishes themselves are so beautifully hand colored and strong, it does not detract much. Please do not order these if this creamy paper is not to your liking. The hand coloring is very close to the original Bloch fishes with the typical gold and silver and rich colors. Each print measures approximately 9 3/4 inches wide by 7 3/4 inches long. The names of the fish have been added on in an old German hand. There are few copies of this to be found, and the fact that they are after the Bloch fish makes them quite special.

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