Francois Perriere Segmenta Nobilium Signorum et Statuarum Etching 1638

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Ceres in Hortis Burghesianis
PRR4 $45
Elora in Aedibus Farnesianis
PRR5 $49
Musa in Hortis Ludouisiabis
PRR6 $45
Sabilla in Hortis Mediceis
PRR7 $45
Baccha in Capitolio
PRR8 $45
Sabina in Hortis Ludouisianis
PRR9 $45
Venus Aphroditis in Hortis Mediceis
PRR10 $45
Venus e Balneo in Hortis Vaticanis
PRR11 $49
Antinous Amirandus in Hortis Vaticanis
PRR12 $45
Venus Calestis in Hortis Vaticanis
PRR13 $49
Venusemergens e mari Praxites
PRR14 $49
Musa in Hortis Burghesianis
PRR15 $45
Venturia Marty Coriolani Mater
in Hortis Mediceis
PRR16 $45
Virgo Vestalis aut Circe
PRR17 $49
Alij Faustina cum gladiatore
PRR19 $45
Juno Regina in Hortis Burghsianis
PRR22 $45
Venus Aphroditis cadem ibidem
PRR21 $49
Ceres in Hortis Burghesianis
PRR24 $45
Mulier Egyptia in Hortis Burghesianis
PRR25 $45
Niobe in Hortis Mediceis
PRR26 $45
Eilia Niobes in Hortis Mediceis
PRR27 $45
Niobes filia in Hortis Mediceis
PRR28 $45
Agrippina in Hortis Mediceis
PRR29 $45
Mars Amore blandiente quiescens
in Hortis Ludouisianis
PRR30 $45
Vestalis in Aedibus Iustinianeis
PRR31 $45
Vulgo Pyramus et Thisbe
PRR32 $45
Roma Triumphans in Capitolio
PRR33 $45
Musa in Capitolio
PRR34 $45
Ceres in Hortis Burghesianis
PRR35 $45
Max Vestalis in Soderinis
PRR36 $45
Hercules a labre quiescens Gliconis
PRR40 $49
Hercules Gliconis Coommodus in Hortis Vaticanis
PRR41 $49
Hercules Gliconis
PRR42 $49
Ganymedees raptus
Lacchus in Hortis Ludoouisianis
PRR44 $49
Melegri eiusdem adispecus alter
PRR45 $49
Faunus meditaris
PRR46 $49
Mercurius iuffa referens
PRR47 $49
Nyseus Bacchus
PRR48 $49
Mirum opus Agarice Dositheri Ephesy
PRR52 $49
Signa Sunt qui putent Alexandrum refere Bucephali
PRR50 $55
Quaterno Corupiciendus
PRR54 $49
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Francois Perriere Segmenta Nobilium Signorum et Statuarum Etching 1638

François Perrier (1590-1650) divided his time between Rome and Paris. It was in Rome that he engraved what was the first illustrated volume depicting classical sculpture Selections of the most celebrated ancient artifacts and statues. The copperplate engravings showing a magnificent selection of ancient gods & goddesses and provide a record of many major Roman statues of the 17th century.

The frontispiece, shows Time as a naked, winged old man holding a scythe, biting the Torso Belvedere set on a pedestal beside a coat of arms crowned by cherubs; on the ground, fragments of statue and pilaster, and snake biting its own tail.

This work is held by many major museums including the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, the British Museum in London, the Museums of Paris & many more. We are pleased to offer a good selection from this historical work. Each engraving measures approximately 8 by 10 ½ inches on lightly toned paper, with some variation in toning between prints. On some, there is a little marginal foxing as shown, but overall the condition is remarkable for prints that are over 370 years old.

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