Perelle Architecture Prints of Paris, Versailles, France,  and Italy 1690

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Chateau de Fontaine-bleau Gardens, Canal
PER106 $145
Bassin de Chantilly
PER110 $145
La Porte St. Honore et du Dome des fille de l'Assumption Paris
Lei Celetin, l'Avenal le Mail
PER115 $145
L'Arc de Triomphe du Faubourg St. Antoine, Paris
PRL47 $165
Porte St. Denis nouuellement acheuee e batir, Paris
PRL46 $295
Canal de Chantilly
PER104 $145
Chateau de Chantilly
PER105 $145
Les Invalides, Paris
PER112 $155
Luxembourg Palis, Paris
PER113 $145

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Perelle Views of France and Italy 1690

We are delighted to offer these superb and exceedingly rare copper plate engravings of France by Gabriel, Adam & Nicholas Perelle. Images of Notre Dame, Versailles, gardens, palaces and chateaux make us all yearn for the romance of this beautiful country. Some of the scenes portrayed remain recognizable today, especially those of Paris, still and always an enchanting city. Versailles, originally designed by Le Notre and started in 1632 remains much as it was in these images and the prints are hence highly prized.

Successful illustrator Gabriel Perelle (1603-1677) taught his sons Adam (1638-1695) and Nicholas the art of birds-eye perspective views. The style of the father and sons is virtually indistinguishable. These prints are from the series Veues des plus Beaux Lieux de France et d'Italie and were published in Paris circa 1680 by Nicolas Langlois, showcasing chateaux, monuments and gardens of France during the reign of Louis XIV.

These original engravings have been recently hand colored in England by a professional colorist. The impressions are very strong. They measure approximately 14 inches by 10 3/4 inches and are on fine handmade laid paper, with some marginal foxing and edge toning which we have accepted due to the extreme scarcity of these engravings, mostly found only in museums. They truly turn the clock back to the 17th century and represent a wonderful historical perspective of the age and the glory of France in this period


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