Canals of Venice by Ferndinand Ongania, 1891

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Dario Palace at S. Gregory's, on the Grand Canal
ONG44 $185
Sale Price: $92
Rilato Bridge, Camerlenghi Palace
ONG82 $165
Sale Price: $82
S. Apollinare's Canal
ONG71 $195
Sale Price: $95
S. Jeremiah's Canal, and Labia embankment
ONG18 $175
Sale Price: $90
Canal and Palace of the Angel of S. Marks
ONG2 $175
Sale Price: $90
Widman Palace and Canal
ONG3 $195
Sale Price: $95
S. Marina's Canal
ONG56 $195
Sale Price: $95
The Beggars' Canal and S. Mark's School
ONG62 $225
Sale Price: $110
Straw Bridge, Ducal Palace
ONG43 $165
Sale Price: $82
St Rocco Canal,
ONG90 $145
Sale Price: $75
S.Samuel'a Walk
ONG65 $145
Sale Price: $75
Papadopoli Palace, Grand Canal
ONG63 $165
Sale Price: $82
Basilica, St Mark Niche
ONG22 $145
Sale Price: $75
St Zechariah Church
ONG30 $145
Sale Price: $75
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Ferdinand Ongania Streets and Canals in Venice 1891

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It is with great pleasure that we present these hauntingly beautiful original photogravures of a bygone era in Venice, from the first and only Italian edition of Calli E Canali in Venezia. Ferdinando Ongania was an antiquarian book seller, with a shop in St. Mark's Square, Venice. His love of Venice inspired him to record the architecture of his beloved city, but Calli E Canali in Venezia was surely his masterpiece. St Mark’s Museum in Venice had an exhibit in 2011 celebrating Ongania’s work.

These beautiful, finely produced original photogravures on creamy, luxurious thick paper reveal a Venice of a bygone era that has been lost forever. It captures a more serene time in the nineteenth century before the annual invasion of 15 million tourists that the city now experiences. The luminous photogravures, in subtle black and sepia tones, portray an idyllic world of palazzos, canals, and bridges where scenes of enchanting beauty were part of everyday life.

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