1908 Meiji Design Woodblock Prints

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1908 Meiji Design Woodblock Prints

These vivid woodblock prints are from the Meiji era circa 1908, a turbulent and stunning time of modernization. In a quest to Westernize his country, Emperor Mutsuhito invited foreigners from the west to instruct the people of Japan. Meanwhile, thousands of Japanese students traveled to Europe and the United States. Artists were among those to experiment seeing through the Western eye, composing prints using traditional woodblock methods.

Each print measures approximately 16 1/4 inches by 12 1/2 inches. The colors of these large prints are of the most vibrant hue, unusual even for woodblock prints. They are magnificent sample designs for screens, murals, cloth decorations, kimonos and all sorts of other applications, and include flower ornaments, birds, butterflies, leaves, designs and other natural elements. The condition is very good, with brilliant coloring some with the middle margin reinforced on the reverse.

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