Johannes Kip Britannia Illustrata Sequel
Nouveau Theatre de la Grand Bretagne 170

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The South Prospect of Hatfield House, of Baron Cecil , Count of Salisbury
Oversize print measuring 30 1/2 by 20 inches

JKP1A Price: $1500
Sale Price: $895
Windsor Castle, Royal Residence
JKP1 Price: $995
Sale Price: $675
The Tower of London, Commanded by Rt Hon Robert L Lucas
JKP2 Price: $995
Sale Price: $675
Somerset House
JKP6 Price: $995
Sale Price: $675
Lambeth, Archbishop of  Canterbury's Pallace
JKP4 Price: $995
Sale Price: $675
Brome House, Seat of Rt Hon Charles Lord Cornwallis
JKP7 Price: $965
Sale Price: $645
Rycott, Oxford, Seat of Rt Hon Montague, Earl of Abingdon
JKP8 Price: Price: $995
Sale Price: $675
Burlington House in Pickadilly, London of Rt Hon Charles Boyle , Baron Clifford, Earl of Burlington, Earl of Corke, Ireland Gentlaman of the Beddchamber
JKP9 Price: $995
Sale Price: $675
Staunton Harold, Seat of the Rt Hon Robert Lord Ferrers
JKP10 Price: $965
Sale Price: $645
St James House, London
JKP11 Price: $995
Sale Price: $675
Althrop, Seat of Right Hon Robert Earl of Sunderland
Ancestral Home of Princess Diana and her burial site
JKP12 Price: $995
Sale Price: $675
Long Leate Seat of the Hon Thomas Long Leat, Visconte Lord Weymouth
JKP13 Price: $995
Sale Price: $675
House of Windsor, of His Grace Duke of Albans
JKP14 Price: $995
Sale Price: $675
Seat of the Hon Sr Wm Blackett Bar, Newcastle
JKP15 Price: $965
Sale Price: $645
Hampton Court Seat of Rt Hon Tho Lord Coningesby
JKP16 Price: $965
Sale Price: $645
Castle of Bolsover Seat of Prince John Holles, Duke New Castle
JKP17 Price: $965
Sale Price: $645
Dunham Massie, Seat of Earl of Warrington, Palatine
JKP18 Price: $965
Sale Price: $645
Hamstead Marshall, Seat of Lord Craven, Berks
Sale Price: Price: $965
Sale Price: $645
Chelsey, now Chelsea, London, Home of Prince Henry, Duke of Beaufort
JKP11 Price: $965
Sale Price: $645
Hatley St George Seat of Robert Cotton, Cambridge
JKP55 Price: $965
Sale Price: $645

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Johannes Kip Architectural Prints from Nouveau Theatre de la Grand Bretagne 1708

Johannes Kip (1653-1722) was a Dutchman who settled in England at the end of the 17th century. A talented draughtsman and engraver, he produced the engravings for the remarkable "Britannia Illustrata or Views of Several of the Queens Palaces also of the Principal Seats of the Nobility and Gentry of Great Britain" published in 1707. We are pleased to offer a selection of original copper engravings from "Nouveau Theatre de la Grand Bretagne", published in 1708 by Kip, Knyff and Mortier in London as a sequel to Britannia intended to take advantage of the European market. The prints are large at approximately 23 1/2 inches wide by 20 inches long, with margins not fully shown due to size and are on fine, chain lined hand made paper and in excellent condition, with some marginal toning and a few fox marks.  The hand coloring is spectacular. With each is a copy of the title page.

We accept PayPal and credit cards. Florida state residents pay Florida state sales tax. Shipping for this item is $25 due to size and cost is $17 if rolled.  Items can be combined to save on postage. Our environment is smoke free. We pack professionally using only new materials. All items are beautifully wrapped and suitable for sending directly as gifts. You may return any item within 7 days if not satisfied. To order, you may call us at 1-888-PANTEEK or send email to


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