Hewitson Eggs of British Birds 1846

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Title Page
HWT1 $35
Title Page
HWT2 $35
Title Page
HWT3 $35
Common Guillemot Eggs
HWT4 $39
Great Aulk Egg EXTINCT
Common Guillemot Eggs
HWT6 $3
Black Throated Diver Egg
HWT7 $35
Great Northern Diver Egg
HWT8 $35
Common Guimot Egg
Golden Eagle Egg
HWT10 $3
Crane Egg
HWT11 $35
Great Bustard, Little Bustard Egg
HWT12 $35
Osprey, or Fishing Hawk Egg
HWT13 $3
Egyptian Vulture Egg
HWT14 $35
Norfolk Plover Bird Egg
HWT15 $35
Grater Backed Gull Egg
HWTA8 $35
Caspian Turn Bird Egg
HWTA9 $35
Herring Gull Bird Egg
HWTA10 $35
Perigrine Falcon Bird Egg
HWTA11 $35
Goshawk Bird Egg
Hobby Bird Egg
HWTA13 $35
Great White Heron Egg
HWTA14 $39
Heron, Purple Heron, Night Heron Bird Eggs
HWTA15 $39
Little Bittern Bird Egg
HWTA16 $35
Common Buzzard, Rough Legged Buzzard Bird Eggs
HWTA17 $35
Red Grouse, Ptarmigan Bird Eggs
HWTA18 $35
Wood Grouse, Black Grouse Bird Eggs
HWTA19 $35
Shieldrake Shoveler, Gadwall Bird Eggs
HWTA20 $35
Velvet Scoter,  Surf Scoter Bird Eggs
HWTA21 $35
Pochard, Scaup, Tufted Duck Bird Eggs
HWTA22 $35
Skua Gull Bird Eggs
HWTA23 $35
Eider, King Duck Bird Eggs
HWTA24 $35
Razor Bill Bird Egg
HWTA25 $35
Long Tailed, Harlequin Golden Eye Bird Eggs
HWTA26 $35
Little Auk, Puffin Bird Eggs
Marsh Harrier, Hen Harrier,
Montagu's Harrier Bird Eggs
HWTA28 $35
Black Guillemot Bird Eggs
HWTA29 $35
Glossy Ibis Bird Egg
HWTA30 $35
Kitiwake Bird Egg
HWTA31 $35
Lesser Black Backed Gull Bird Eggs
HWTA32 $35
Garganey, Wigeon, Teal Bird Eggs
HWTA33 $35
Common Gull Bird Eggs
HWTA34 $35
Curlew, Whimbrel Bird Eggs
HWTA35 $35
Spoonbill Bird Egg
HWTA36 $35
Oyster Catcher Bird Eggs
HWTA37 $35
Red Breasted Merganzer, Goosander Bird Eggs
HWTA38 $35
Comorant, Shag, Gannet Bird Eggs
HWTA39 $35
Pin Tail Duck, Wild Duck Bird Eggs
HWTA40 $35
Richardsons Artic Gull Bird Eggs
HWTA41 $35
White Eye Duck Bird Egg
HWTA42 $35
Black Headed Gull Bird Eggs
HWTA43 $35
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Please click on each image to enlarge and for prices

Hewitson Eggs of British Birds 1846

We are delighted to offer these hand colored engravings from the 1846 edition of Coloured Illustrations of the Eggs of British Birds by William C. Hewitson. The hand coloring in these plates is exquisite. The delicate features of each egg have been painstakingly rendered with pristine accuracy.  Exhibiting a naïf & almost primitive quality, these hand colored egg engravings glow on the page, and give the appearance of being entirely hand drawn.  This work was the first major British work on oology, preceded only by Donovan's 17-plate volume in 1826, and is becoming increasingly rare.

Each print measures approximately 5 1/4 inches by 8 1/4 inches.  The photos are very accurate, so please review carefully. The descriptive text is included with these prints, and a copy of the title page will be provided. All our prints are authentic antique prints and guaranteed to be from the date stated. These prints are about 150 years old. 

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