Swans, Ducks, Terns, Auk, Puffin by Wolf & Gould

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Title Page
JGB533 $295
Sterna Paradisea, Roseate Tern
Index Page, 2 sides
JGB535 $195
Phalacrocorax Graculus, Crested Cormorant or Shag
JGB536 $795
Phalacrocorax Carbo, Cormorant
JGB537 $795
Alca Torda, Razorbill
JGB538 $495
Strenula Minuta, Little Tern
JGB539 $495
Sula Bassana, Gannet or Solan Goose by WOLF
Mergulus Alle, Little Auk
JGB541 $495
Hydrochelidon Nigra, Black Tern
JGB542 $495
Mergus Albellus, Smew or Nun by WOLF
JGB546 $795
Casarca Rutila, Ruddy Sheldrake
JGB553 $695
Larus Marinus, Great Black-backed Gull
JGB549 $595
Spatula Clypeata, Shoveller Duck by WOLF
JGB550 $895
Bernicla Ruficollis, Red-breasted Goose
JGB551 $695
Tadorna Vulpanser, Sheldrake
JGB554 $695
Nyroca Leucophthalmos, White-eyed or Ferrunginous Duck by WOLF
JGB555 $795
Anser Segetum, Bean Goose
JGB556 $695
Anser Ferus, Grey Lag Goose by WOLF
JGB557 $695
Anas Boschas, Mallard or Wild Duck by WOLF
Anser Brachyrhynchus, Pink-footed Goose
JGB559 $695
Stercorarius Pomatorhinus Pomatorhine Skua by WOLF
JGB560 $695
Stercorarius Parasiticus, Arctic Skua
JGB561 $595
Oidemia Nigra, Scoter by WOLF
JGB562 $595
Oidemia Perspicillata, Surf Scoter
JGB563 $495
Anser Albifrons, White-fronted Goose
JGB564 $495
Bernicla Leucopsis, Bernicle Goose by WOLF
JGB565 $595
Puffinus Anglorum, Manx Shearwateer
JGB566 $495
Bernicla Brenta, Brent Goose
JGB567 $495
Larus Argentatus, Herring Gull by WOLF
JGB568 $495
Larus Islandicus, Iceland Gull by WOLF
JGB569 $495
Chroicocephalus Ridibundus, Black-headed Gull by WOLF
JGB570 $495
Puffinus Major, Great Shearwater
JGB571 $395
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Swans, Ducks, Terns, Auk, Puffin by Wolf & Gould

With tremendous pleasure we offer these superb ORIGINAL hand-colored lithographs from the original first edition of Birds of Great Britain, published in 1862-1873 and now exceedingly rare. In the world of great ornithological works, this one stands very tall indeed and it is arguably Gould’s masterpiece - the culmination of a life spent in the world of nature and of many years experience in bird art and 19th century publishing. Fine Bird Books accords it 3 stars, which is a ringing endorsement. The original hand coloring is absolutely superb, skillful beyond belief, intense and vibrant, and the pinnacle of such art. In short, it is as good as it can ever be, and a delight to the print collector. John Gould was a self-taught English naturalist, a gifted artist and a talented taxidermist. A man of vision with a talent for organization and administration, he founded an empire for ornithological illustration, publishing more than forty large folio volumes. These works contained over 3,000 plates, all superbly drawn and meticulously hand colored. The first work appeared in 1831 and the last in 1888, seven years after Gould's death.

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