Gould Song Birds & Perching Birds 1862

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Euspiza Melanocephala Black-headed Euspiza
JGB423 $395
Emberiza Rustica Rustic Bunting
JGB424 $395
Glycyspina Hortulana Ortolan Bunting
JGB425 $395
Alauda Arborea Wood Lark
JGB426 $395
Crithophaga Millaria Common Bunting
JGB427 $350
Pyrrhula Vulgaris Bullfinch Young
JGB428 $395
Passer Montanus Tree Sparrow
Anthus Arboreus Tree Pipit
JGB430 $350
Carpodacus Erythrinus Rosefinch no text
JGB431 $395
Linota Cannabina Linnet
JGB432 $395
Linota Montium Twite or Mountain Linnet
JGB433 $395
Aegiothus Linaria Scarlet Bullfinch
JGB434 $395
Chrysomitris Spinus Siskin
JGB435 $350
Emberiza Cirlus Cirl Bunting
JGB436 $395
Melanocorypha Calandra Calandra Lark
JGB437 $295
Otocoris Alpestris Shore Lark
JGB438 $295
Centrophanes Lapponica Lapland Bunting
JGB439 $295
Plectrophanes Nivalis Snow Bunting or Snowflake
JGB440 $295
Anthus Cervinus Red-throated Pipit & Pinguicula Vulgaris carniverous plant
JGB441 $325
Melanocorypha Leucoptera White-winged Lark
JGB442 $295
Anthus Spinoletta Vinous Pipit
JGB443 $295
Anthus Obscurus Rock Pipit
JGB444 $250
Serinus Hortulanus Serin Finch
JGB445 $295
Lanius Excubitor Great Grey Shrike
JGB446 $295
Calandrella Brachydactyla Short-toed Lark
JGB447 $250
Anthus Pratensis Meadow Pipit or Titlark & Sundew Carniverous plant
JGB448 $395
Anthus Richardi Richard's Pipit
JGB449 $250
Motacilla Alba White Wagtail Butterfly
JGB450 $250
Galerita Cristata Crested Lark
JGB451 $250
Calobates Sulphurea Grey Wagtail
Calobates Sulphurea Grey Wagtail Winter Plumage
JGB453 $250
Budytes Cinereocapilla Grey-capped Wagtail
JGB454 $250
Budytes Flava Grey-headed Wagtail
JGB455 $250
Budytes Rayi Yellow Wagtail
JGB456 $250
Motacilla Yarrelli Pied Wagtail
JGB457 $250

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Gould Song Birds & Perching Birds 1862

With tremendous pleasure we offer these superb ORIGINAL hand-colored lithographs from the original first edition of Birds of Great Britain, published in 1862-1873 and now exceedingly rare. In the world of great ornithological works, this one stands very tall indeed and it is arguably Gould’s masterpiece - the culmination of a life spent in the world of nature and of many years experience in bird art and 19th century publishing. Fine Bird Books accords it 3 stars, which is a ringing endorsement. The original hand coloring is absolutely superb, skillful beyond belief, intense and vibrant, and the pinnacle of such art. In short, it is as good as it can ever be, and a delight to the print collector. John Gould was a self-taught English naturalist, a gifted artist and a talented taxidermist. A man of vision with a talent for organization and administration, he founded an empire for ornithological illustration, publishing more than forty large folio volumes. These works contained over 3,000 plates, all superbly drawn and meticulously hand colored. The first work appeared in 1831 and the last in 1888, seven years after Gould's death.

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