John Gould Birds Great Britain 1st Edition 1862

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Title Page
JGB1 $145
Tetrao Urogallus - Cock of the Wood by WOLF
JGB2 $1250
Ardea Cinerea - Heron
Herodias Garzetta - Little Egret
Ciconia Nigra - Black Stork
JGB5 $
Ciconia Alba - Stork
JGB6 $
Orus Cinerea - Common Crane by WOLF
JGB9 $
Falcinellus Ignetus - Glossy Ibis
JGB10 $
Nycticorax Griseus - Night Heron
JGB11 $
Platalea Leucorodia - Spoonbill
JGB12 $
Bubulcus Russatus - Buff-backed Heron
JGB13 $
Buphus Comatus - Squacco Heron
Ardetta Minuta - Little Bittern
JGB15 $
Botaurus Lentiginosus - American Bittern
JGB16 $675
Otis Tarda - Great Bustard by WOLF
JGB17 $
Lagopus Scoticus - Red Grouse by WOLF
JGB18 $7
Caccabis Rubra - Red-legged Partidge by WOLF
JGB19 $
Botaurus Stellaris -Bittern
JGB20 $
Otis Tetrax -Little Bustard by WOLF
JGB21 $
Tetrao Tetrix -Blackcock by WOLF
JGB22 $
Lagopus Mutus - Ptarmigan, Autumn Plumage by WOLF
JGB26 $495 no text
Numenius Phaeopus - Whimbrel
JGB24 $495
Lagopus Mutus - Ptarmigan, Winter Plumage by WOLF
JGB27 $495 no text
Numenius Arquata - Curlew
JGB28 $595
Charadrius Pluvialis - Golden Plover, Summer Plumage by WOLF
JGB29 $595
Squatarola Helvetica - Grey Plover, Summer Plumage by WOLF
JGB30 $595
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John Gould Birds Great Britain 1st Edition 1862

With tremendous pleasure we offer these superb ORIGINAL hand-colored lithographs from the original first edition of Birds of Great Britain, published in 1862-1873 and now exceedingly rare. In the world of great ornithological works, this one stands very tall indeed and it is arguably Gould’s masterpiece - the culmination of a life spent in the world of nature and of many years experience in bird art and 19th century publishing. Fine Bird Books accords it 3 stars, which is a ringing endorsement. The original hand coloring is absolutely superb, skillful beyond belief, intense and vibrant, and the pinnacle of such art. In short, it is as good as it can ever be, and a delight to the print collector. John Gould was a self-taught English naturalist, a gifted artist and a talented taxidermist. A man of vision with a talent for organization and administration, he founded an empire for ornithological illustration, publishing more than forty large folio volumes. These works contained over 3,000 plates, all superbly drawn and meticulously hand colored. The first work appeared in 1831 and the last in 1888, seven years after Gould's death.

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