Edouard Garnier Porcelain of Sevres 1889

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Vase Vaisseau a mat
GAR13 $145
Solitaire Tea Service, Coffee Service
Jardiniere (Flower Vase) bearing the monogram of Louis XV
GAR21 $145
Set of Five Vases
GAR40 $145
Vase with grooved cylindrical neck
GAR29 $145
Baluster-shaped Vase with Cailloute ground, Vase with figure subject painted by Morin
GAR50 $145
Vase with Ram Heads
GAR32 $145
Partly Colored Grounds: Ewer, Bottle, and Burette-shaped Vases
GAR33 $145
Ornamental pieces in White and Gold
GAR38 $95
Ewer and Dish
GAR37 $145
Camaieu Ornament
GAR46 $145
Four lobed cup, imitation of Dresden Ware
GAR47 $125

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Edouard Garnier Porcelain of Sevres 1889

The Sevres porcelain factory produced some of the most beautiful and highly prized porcelain of all time, widely collected by prominent & royal families all over the world, including the Kings & Queens of England, Marie Antoinette of France, and in current times most of the museums of the world. In these prints, from the rare Royal Folio Edition limited to 283 copies, we see some of the most splendid products of this wonderful age of soft paste porcelain.  The colors in the prints are absolutely magnificent, being heightened by application of genuine gold paint, as in the original porcelain. Each print measures approximately 12 inches by 17 1/2 inches on heavy paper.

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