Fumio Fujita Woodblock Prints

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Shells in the Ocean 1975 signed in pencil
FJT10 $425

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Fumio Fujita Woodblock Prints

We are pleased to offer the works of Fumio Fujita, one of Japan's most outstanding Sosaku Hanga artists today. Born in the Aichi prefecture of Japan in 1933, Fujita studied oil painting at the Mushashino College of Fine Arts. Since 1963, he has created stylized natural landscapes which have become increasingly popular for their intricate designs. He is one of the few present-day artists to have contracted with a major Japanese woodblock publisher yet also produce prints himself as an independent artist. In 1990 he severed the relationship with the publisher and returned to producing his prints himself entirely by hand. The passage of time has slowed his production and there are now very few of his woodblocks available.

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