E.J.C. Esper Butterfly Prints Die Schmetterlinge 1777

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Title Page
Title Page

Aglia tau Moth
ESB305 $95
Arctia purpurea Moth
ESB365 $95
Endromis versicolora Moth
ESB323 $95
Arctia hebe Moth
ESB334 $115
Catocala pacta & conjucta Moths
ESB499 $115
Catocala promissa Moth
ESB496 $95
Catocala electa, Underwing Moth
ESB498 $95
Caiae varietates Moth
ESB331 $115
Catocala sponsa, Underwing Moth
ESB495 $95
Arctia villica, Tiger Moth
ESB335 $95
Catocala elocata, Underwing Moth
ESB499A $115
Callimorpha dominula, Tiger Moth
ESB483 $95
Catocala conjuncta, Underwing Moth
ESB4100 $95
Matronula Moth
ESB484 $95
Agrotis triphaena fimbria Moth
ESB4103 $95
Lasiocampa pruni Moth
ESB310 $95
Nudaria mundana, Lasiocampa quercifolia Moths
ESB306 $95
Bombyx trifolii Moth
ESB315 $95
Bombyx catax & lanestris Moths
ESB317 $95
Bombyx quercus Moth
Lasiocampa pini Moth
Bombyx quercus, Crateronyx dumi Moths
ESB314 $95
Lasiocampa quercifolia Moth
ESB306A $95
Bomb. Caiae Moths
ESB332 $95

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E.J.C. Esper Butterfly Prints Die Schmetterlinge 1777

Eugenius Johann Christoph Esper was schooled from an early age to study botany by his father and later encouraged by his professor to change his studies from theology to natural history. After graduation, he worked at Erlanger University in charge of the Natural History department where he also amassed a fine collection of specimens, now in the zoological museum in Munich..

He published many works, including the most comprehensive work on butterflies of the time, Die Schmetterlinge in Abbildungen, from 1777-1794. We are fortunate to have located a few fragments from this work, beautifully anotated in an old copperplate hand as shown, by an individual with extensive knowledge in the field. The complete life cycle of each butterfly is shown, creating both a work of art and a scientific record based on the Linnaen system. Each print is in excellent condition with orginal hand coloured copper plate engravings on chain lined paper with little foxing, measuring 8 inches wide by 9 ¼ inches long.

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