Edwards Botanical Register Prints 1815

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Tree Rhododendron
EDF890 $65
Tree Rhododendron
Buenos Ayres Amaryllis
EDF534 $85
Miller's Pernambuco Gloxinia
EDR1127 $55
Golden Pancratium
EDF600A $65
Superb Gloriosa
EDF77 $75
Papaw Tree
Chinese Wisteria
Ciliate-leaved Brunsvigia
EDR1153 $55
Sumatra Crinum
EDR1049 $65
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Edwards Botanical Register Prints 1815

Sydenham Edwards was the son of a Welsh schoolmaster who attracted the attention of Curtis. He came to London to train with Curtis, and for 27 years most of the drawings in Curtis’ Botanical Magazine were his. As a result of a misunderstanding in 1815, he severed his connection with the publication and started the rival Botanical Register.
Ref: William Blunt  (1950) pp 192 – 193 ; Great Flower Books (1990) pp 157.

We are currently offering a selection of antique Edwards Botanical register prints published from 1815-1839. These are beautifully executed hand colored engravings on fine paper with strong plate marks, measuring approximately 12 inches by 10 inches. The plates are in pristine condition, as fresh as the day long ago they were published with vibrant hand coloring, almost 200 years previously. The paper of these prints ranges from white to a light creamy color. Please review the photos carefully as they are very accurate.



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Edwards Botanical Prints

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