Dahlberg Architecture Prints 1859

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Arcis Holmensis
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Dahlberg Architecture Prints 1859

We are currently offering Dahlberg prints made in the year 1859 in Sweden on beautiful early chain lined watermarked paper in woodcut form.  It is a beautiful edition of this magical work, full size and much more affordable than the 1696 version.

Dahlberg (1625-1703) was an engineer, soldier and author. As a young man in Stockholm, he studied the architecture of military buildings and bases. As a soldier, he served as director-general of fortifications until retiring a year before his death. His writings include a memoir of his life and a study of Charles X's military campaigns.

Each folio print measures approximately 16" x 13" with some being much longer. There is no descriptive text, but a copy of the title page is provided.


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