Treasures from the World of William Curtis

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Jatropha Panduræfolia. Fiddle-leaved Physic-Nut
CBR47 $45
Ferraria Tigridia. Mexican Ferraria or Tiger Flower
CBR48 $45
Silene Ornata. Dark-Coloured Catchfly.
CBR49 $45
Gladiolus Namaquensis. Thick-leaved Cornflag.s
CBR50 $45
Heliconia Psittacorum. Parrot-Beaked Heliconia.
Gladiolus Alatus. Wing-Flowered Cornflag.
CBR52 $45
Lonicera Sempervirens. Great Trumpet Honeysuckle.
CBR53 $45
Watsonia Iridifolia var Fulgens. Scarlt Flag-leaved Watsonia.
CBR54 $35
Punica Nana. Dwarf Pomegranate Tree.
CBR55 $45
Calycanthus Floridus. Carolina Allspice.
CBR56 $45
Gladiolus Lineatus. Pencilled Corn-Flag.
CBR57 $55
Passiflora Ciliata. Fringed-Leaved Passion-Flower.
CBR58 $45
Rhodora Canadensis. Canadian Rhodora.
CBR59 $45
Monsonia Lobata. Broad-Leaved Monsonia.
CBR60 $45
Liriodendron Tulipifera. Common Tulip-Tree.
CBR61 $45
Chrysanthemum Tricolor. Three-Coloured Chrysanthemum.
CBR62 $35
Crocus Sulphureus. Worst Yellow or Old Cloth of Gold Crocus.
CBR63 $45
Oenothera Fruticosa. Shrubby Oenothera.
CBR64 $35
Lilium Canadense. Canadian Lily.
CBR65 $45
Asphodelus Luteus. Yellow Asphodel or Kingspear
CBR66 $45
Lilium Pomponium. Pompone Lily.
Epidendrum Ciliare. Fringed Epidendrum Orchid.
CBR68 $45
Allamanda Cathartica. Willow Leav'd Allamanda.
CBR69 $45
Azalea Pontica. Yellow Azalea.
CBR70 $55
Hemerocallis Graminea. Narrow-leaved Day-lily.
CBR71 $45
Tulipa Breyniana. Cape Tulip.
CBR72 $45
Tritonia Miniata. Late-flowering Tritonia.
CBR73 $45
Hypoxis Serrata. Large-Flowered Serrate-Leaved Hypoxis.
CBR74 $45
Canna Indica. Common Indian Reed or Shot.
CBR75 $45
Bignonia Capreolata. Four-Leaved Trumpet-Flower.
Dahlia Coccinea. Scarlet-Flowered Dahlia.
CBR77 $35
Lilium Philadelphicum. Philadephian Lily.
Aquilegia Canadensis. Canadian Columbine.
CBR79 $45
Lilium Catesbæi. Catesby's Lily.
CBR80 $55
Gladiolus Watsonius. Watson's Corn-Flag.
CBR81 $45
Anagallis Fruticosa. Shrubby Pimpernel.
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Treasures from the World of William Curtis

William Curtis began publication of the Botanical Magazine in February 1787 and continued almost without interruption for 160 years. After Curtis edited the first 13 volumes, the publication continued under the editors: John Simms (1800-1826), William Jackson Hooker (1827-1865) and Joseph Dalton Hooker (1865-1904). The images were engraved and hand-coloured by many artists including Sydenham Edwards, William Graves, James Sowerby, John Curtis, William Jackson Hooker, W.H. Fitch, Matilda Smith, Lillian Snelling and Stella Rose Craig. The plates are known for their fine detail and delicate hand coloring. The prints are all copper engravings to Volume 70 & then stone or zinc lithography until the introduction of color printing in 1948. It is the longest running botanical magazine and was entirely hand colored until 1948. References: Blunt (1994) pp 211 - 217, Great Flower Books pp 156 - 157, Nissen BPI 2350, Staflue 1290.

These Curtis prints are particularly prized for their lavish, beautifully hand colored large illustrations principally by Sydenham Teak Edwards, James Sowerby and William Kilburn. Even now, after all this time of living with Curtis prints, we are still left in awe by their beauty. Each single measures approximately 5 ½ inches wide by 8 3/4 inches long. Prints are accompanied by the relevant original descriptive text.

The condition of these prints is remarkable for a work that is 200 years old, with strong plate marks and dates. There is little or no foxing, with characteristic good plate marks on wove paper that is a creamy in color. The photos are very accurate, so please review carefully. All our prints are authentic hand colored antique prints, and the Curtis are about 200 years old & in excellent condition.

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