William Curtis Antique Botanic Double Prints 1787

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PRINTS MEASURE APPROX 14 1/2 by 9 inches
Hibiscus liliiflorus var. hybridus
Hybrid var. of the Lily-flowered Hibiscus
CUR1801 $75
Hibiscus splendens
Splendid Hibiscus
CUR1802 $95
Camellia reticulata
Captain Rawe's Camellia
CUR1803 $115
Rhododendron arboreum (hybridum), Alta-clerense
High-clere hybrid var. of the Tree Rhododendron
CUR1804 $95
Amaryllis aulica, var. platypetala, glauco-phylla
Glaucous-leaved, Broad-petaled Amaryllis
CUR1805 $75
Cactus speciosissimus
Crimson-flowered Torch-Thistle Cactus
CUR1806 $75
Hippeastrum spathaceum, hybridum
Long-spathed, hybrid Knight's Star Lily
Passiflora racemosa
Princes Charlotte's Passion-Flower
CUR1808 $85
Nerium odorum
Double sweet-scented Rosebay or Oleander
CUR1811 $
Dombeya angulata
Angle-leaved Dombeya
CUR1812 $
Clerodendrum fragrans
Fragrant Clerodendrum
CUR1813 $
Hollyhock, Althaea caribaea
West-Indian Holly-Hock
CUR1814 $
Bignonia telfairiae
Mrs. Telfair's Bignonia
CUR1815 $
Combretum grandiflorum
Large-flowered Combretum
CUR1816 $
Bletia tankervillae
Lady Tankerville's Bletia
CUR1817 $
Gladiolus psittacinus
Splendid Corn-Flag
CUR1818 $
Jacaranda ovalifolia
Oval-leaved Jacaranda
Glycine sinensis
Chinese Wisteria
Pontederia azurea
Large-flowered Pontederia
CUR1821 $75
Rhodochiton volubile
Twining Rhodochiton
CUR1822 $75
Passiflora ligularis
Ample-leaved Passion Flower
CUR1823 $75
Passiflora quadrangularis
Square-stalked Passion-Flower
CUR1824 $75
Passiflora edulis
Purple-fruited Passion Flower
CUR1825 $75
Passiflora filamentosa
Palmate Passion-Flower
CUR1826 $95
Canna glauca rubro-lutea
Glaucous-leaved Indian-Reed Canna Lilly
CUR1827 $75
Ipomoea speciosa
Broad-leaved Ipomoea
CUR1828 $65
Calceolaria crenatiflora
Crenate-flowered Slipperwort
CUR1829 $65
Oenothera corymbosa
Corymbose Oenothera or Evening Primrose
CUR1830 $65
Lupinus incanus
Hoary Lupine
CUR1831 $65
Foxglove, Digitalis tomentosa
Wooly leaved Fox-Glove
CUR1832 $65
Gloxinia speciosa var. albiflora
Showy Gloxinia; White-flowered variety
CUR1833 $65
Rhododendron arboreum var. album
Tree Rhododendron; White-flowered var.
CUR1834 $65
Pancratium expansum
Expanded-flowered Pancratium
CUR1835 $65
Crinum procerum
Tall Rangoon Crinum
CUR1836 $65
Habenaria gigantea
Gigantic Habenaria
CUR1837 $65
Neottia grandiflora
Large-flowered Neottia
CUR1838 $65
Bonatea speciosa
Showy Bonatea
CUR1839 $65
Crinum plicatum
Plaited-leaved Crinum
CUR1840 $65
Crinum Lily
CUR1034 $65
Amaryllis Revolutat
CUR1178 $65
The Blush-Lily or Amaryllis
CUR1450 $75
Belladonna Lily
CUR733 $75
Ægyptian Water-Lily, or Lotus
CUR797 $85
Changeable Water-Lily
CUR1189 $85
Brunswick Lily
CUR1143 $65
Scarlet Lily
CUR1619 $65
Pancratium Lily
CUR1419 $65
Balsam-Scented Sea Daffodil
CUR1453 $65
Yucca, North Carolina
CUR900 $65
Adam's Needle Yucca
CUR1700 $65
Aromatic Tumeric
CUR1546 $65
White One-Flowered Japan Lily
CUR1591 $75
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