Bickham’s Musical Entertainer Sheet Music Engravings 1737-1741

George Bickham The Musical Entertainer 1737
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Antique Sheet Music 1737
George Bickham Universal Penman 1741
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Bickham’s Musical Entertainer Sheet Music Engravings 1737
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Black & white antique prints
of sheet music 1737

We are delighted to offer prints from these very rare works, with original copper engravings of English songs set to music by such luminaries as Handel, Purcell, Haydn, Corelli & others. Prints from this work are rarely offered, as it is now very scarce. We were fortunate recently to find a fragment in good condition. This superb series of engraved musical pieces was first published in parts of four plates each and issued fortnightly between 1737 and 1739. Each print is headed by a charming engraved vignette with scenes of contemporary life illustrative of the song, in a mature rococo style, some in the French manner after Watteau.

It is Bickham’s masterpiece & the first work of its type in England. Many more followed this initial resounding success. We are particularly pleased to present this ancient work, with music written by such great musicians as Handel & published during his lifetime. We do consider it eminently suitable for the special occasions, as there are many beautiful love songs.

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