Johannes Zorn, Icones Plantarum Medicinalium 1779

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Pheasant's Eye, Adonis vernalis
ZOR182 $55
Arnica montana
Meadow Salsify, Tragopogon pratense
ZOR179 $55
Chamomile, Matricaria chamomilla
ZOR139 $45
Asphodelus ramosus
ZOR549 $55
Hypochaeris maculata
ZOR271 $45
German Iris, Iris germanica
ZOR188 $55
Paleyellow Iris, Iris pseudacorus
ZOR187 $55
Iris florentina, Florentine Iris
ZOR186 $55
Orchid, Orchis morio
ZOR267 $55
Anthemis pyrenthrum
ZOR205 $45
Anemone pulsatilla
Castorbean, Ricinus communis
ZOR131 $55
Cicuta virosa, Hemlock
ZOR466 $45
Datura aramonium
ZOR286 $55
Nicotiana tabacum, Tobacco
Prunus domestica damascena, Plum
ZOR493 $45
Caffine peragua, Coffee
ZOR535 $55
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Zorn Icones Plantarum Botanical 1784

We are pleased to offer a selection of original hand-colored copper engravings from the first edition of Icones Plantarum Medicinalium by J. Zorn, published in Nurnberg 1780-1784. This is another extremely rare work, in pristine condition, illustrating a wide variety of botanicals such as iris, water lily, violet, strawberry, herbs, spices & many more. The coloring is brilliant, much more vivid & fresh than is commonly found in this very antique work.

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